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Product: Network Storage ServersManufacturer: Consensys Corp.Address: 215 Shields, Unit 1               Markham, ON L3R 8V2 CanadaTelephone: 800-388-1896E-Mail: Sales@raidzone.comURL:

Kick Your Data Storage Performance Up a Notch with the Gangstor RC8-2

Consensys Corp based in Markham, Ontario--a leading vendor of affordable data storage hardware since 1986--have introduced the Gangstor RC8-2 Network storage servers under their Raidzone brand.

The Raidzone Gangstor is a group of two or more OpenNAS servers, holding two or more copies of your data, with automatic failover. Each Gangstor member is the primary server for half its storage capacity and back-up server for the other half. The Gangstor's architecture is designed to seamlessly handle the partial or complete failure of any one server in the gang. It automatically maintains NFS. SMB and iSCSI services if one server fails. You can also have synchronous mirroring, local or remote access as the servers are mirrored in real time at the block level over a standard TCP/IP link. The server is available from 1TB up to 20TB or more.

RAIDZONE Gangstor RC8-2
  • 8 hot-swappable, 160 GB Ultra ATA drives per server

  • Each server has dual, high performance 2 GHz Intel Xeon, CPUs and 1GB ECC RAM

  • Dual power supplies in each server

  • Gigabit & 100MBit NICs in each server

  • Complete browser-based remote administration interface

  • Supports NFS, Windows (SMB/CIFS) and iSCSI protocols

  • Runs Linux 2.4 kernel, journaling file system, extra boot partitions

  • Includes full 1 year warranty, with 3 years on the disks

Cost: $29,950/pair

The RAIDZONE division of Consensys Corp. was created to commercialize the new high performance disk array technology developed by their R&D department in 1998. By early 2002, RAIDZONE has become much more than the name of a new technology. It is a complete product line of Linux- and Windows 2000-based servers available in a range of capacities from 400 GB up to 6 Terabytes and more. There are thousands of highly satisfied RAIDZONE users, with many customers having reached their third anniversary of uninterrupted use. RAIDZONE disk arrays are performing flawlessly in applications ranging from NAS file servers to massive Oracle database servers to high volume streaming media servers.


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