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Product: Internet Mail ManagerManufacturer: The Software GroupAddress: 642 Wellham Road            Barrie, ON Canada L4N 9A1Telephone: 705-725-9999E-Mail: sales@sentinet.netURL:

Internet Management System for SME's that Works Out of the Box

The Software Group Limited introduces Advanced Internet Mail manager for the SentiNet, The Software Group's internet management system for SME's. Based on a hardened Linux platform and the industry-standard sendmail mail server, Advanced Internet Mail provides benefits beyond those provided by standard-issue mail servers. Furnished as a combination of hardware and software, and delivered as a single unit, SentiNet AIM is both ready to connect safely to the Internet and to support users "out of the box".

Easy Configuration. SentiNet AIM is completely configurable from a client browser. Most system administrators will only need to identify users and their privilege levels and basic IP networking parameters before their SentiNet is processing mail.

SPAM Control. SentiNet AIM contains tunable SPAM detection filters which scan each mail message for content, and tag unsuitable mail so that user mail clients can separate SPAM messages from useful content. As it supports IMAP mail delivery as well as the popular POP3 protocol, SentiNet AIM can automatically dump SPAM into a separate mailbox with no user intervention required.

Virus Scanning. E-mail borne viruses are responsible for the vast majority of virus infections on Internet connected machines. SentiNet scans both incoming and outgoing mail messages for viruses, and automatically deletes harmful attachments, informing both the sender and intended receiver of the action taken.

Access control. SentiNet contributes to an organization's Internet use policy by limiting access to Internet mail to designated users. System administrators can limit a user's access to electronic mail to other users within the organization, so that personal e-mail is blocked at the server.

Web-accessible mail. In addition to web configuration, SentiNet contains a web-based client accessible from the Internet and from the internal network. Operating in this manner, SentiNet supports both browser-equipped thin clients or any workstation equipped with a browser.

Organizations already running another mail server, such as Microsoft Exchange, can take advantage of many of SentiNet's benefits without disturbing their existing mail environments. SentiNet can coexist with other mail systems, acting as a filter to remove malicious or unproductive e-mail messages from an organization's Internet mail data stream.

SentiNet AIM represents another step forward in The Software Group Limited's drive to provide cost-effective Internet-ready solutions for the SME.


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