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Product: ATM Over T1Manufacturer: Sangoma Technologies Corp.Address: 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120               Markham, Canada ON L3R 9T3Telephone: 905-474-1990E-Mail: sales@sangoma.comURL:

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Support for the Sangoma S-series Communication Cards

Sangoma now has Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) support for its T1/E1 and serial cards for the Linux and BSD operating systems. This product provides ATM connections from PC servers to ATM backbone networks at prices significantly lower than competing technologies and uses the same cards that the company supplies to support conventional, frame-based protocols.

Sangoma's ATM products are used to support data and voice traffic, as well as providing ISP support for concentration of ADSL traffic from one or more DSLAMs.

Product features:

  • Flexible PHY-layer, supporting all formats of Idle, Unassigned and Physical Layer cells.

  • DS1 direct ATM cell mapping as per ITU G.804 Section 2.1.

  • Support for AAL Type 5.

  • ATM operations and management (OAM) support.

  • Extensive statistics at both the PHY and ATM levels.

  • Real-time data scope with advanced cell-filtering capabilities.

  • Unlimited number of VPI/VCI combinations.

Encapsulation and protocols supported: IP over ATM, PPP over ATM, and Ethernet over ATM.

About Sangoma:

Sangoma has been manufacturing high performance communications cards for PCs since 1984. Their products support WAN protocols such as Frame Relay, PPP, X.25, HDLC, SS7, SDLC and BSC. Products include the well known WANPIPE internal WAN router cards that allow Servers to act as high speed WAN routers. Sangoma also offers API's to their protocols allowing custom development for WAN communications. Supported Operating Systems include, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Microsoft.


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