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Product: AMS REALTIME SoftwareManufacturer: Advanced Management SolutionsAddress: 101 E Redlands Boulevard, Suite 275,               Redlands, CA USA 92373Telephone: 909-793-0111 ext 311E-Mail: jgilmore@amsusa.comURL:

AMS REALTIME Enterprise Project and Resource Management

AMS REALTIME software helps you manage people across project and non-project work, from the work assignment to the portfolio. AMS REALTIME manages ALL the work flowing through your organization, providing powerful integrated program management, project management, resource management, cost and schedule, and reporting.

AMS REALTIME project management software provides an integrated solution for program management, project management and resource management.

  • Powerful features for managing individual projects and project portfolios;

  • Tools to make more efficient, AND more effective use of skilled resources through resource allocation, capacity planning, and skills modeling;

  • Electronic timesheets ensure the availability of quick and accurate status information on all projects and operational work;

  • Repository features to provide a single integrated view, at multiple levels, of all projects and operational work across the enterprise.

AMS REALTIME software has won many industry awards since its introduction. The products are widely recognized for providing a combination of powerful functionality with ease-of-use, scaling from individual users to enterprise implementations of thousands of users.

The AMS REALTIME Product Suite includes:

  • AMS REALTIME Projects, a powerful project management and cost management tool that provides "best of breed" project management functionality. It combines simplicity, power and flexibility. This enables a wide range of users to benefit from Project Management techniques, providing an enterprise solution.

  • AMS REALTIME Costs, integrated cost management without the need for a separate system. In the past, cost and schedule integration has been an elusive capability, because systems designed for one function have been weak when it comes to performing the other. As an integrated component of AMS REALTIME Projects, AMS REALTIME Costs is the first solution to integrate the two into one powerful tool.

  • AMS REALTIME Resources, a fully-featured resource management solution that gives you the ability to generate plans, make work assignments and accept timecard information. A resource management tool designed to work with Project Management applications, AMS REALTIME Resources communicates planning information and actual hours to AMS REALTIME Projects. This capability, a missing component in many Project Management implementations, gives Project and Resource Managers greater visibility into planning the usage of valuable human resources.

  • AMS REALTIME Solo, a front-end productivity tool which interacts with AMS REALTIME Resources, enables each staff member to communicate the status of their work, including new estimates to complete. It gives a clear view of all assigned tasks, even across multiple projects, as well as operational work. This supports project management by providing time reporting and automatic status updates to work being managed by AMS REALTIME Projects or AMS REALTIME Resources.

  • AMS REALTIME Server, a central data repository providing an integrated view of all project management, program management, resource management and operational work across the enterprise.

AMS REALTIME provides multi-platform clients and a powerful application-database server on Windows, Unix, Linux and Macintosh platforms, with option to integrate with ODBC compliant relational database systems. The suite is generic and addresses needs across multiple industries for project management and resource management.

A multi-dimensional role based access control model provides necessary control over the project, resource and cost information. Project managers, resource managers, team members and executives use standard interfaces to view project management and resource management information in the database repository to assess the status of projects across the organization, and drill down to investigate details at various levels in the breakdown structure (WBS, CBS, OBS, PBS, etc.).

Not only is information available in real-time, but also the ability to create simple to complex plans, input time, expenses and estimates-to-complete in the central repository can reduce costs and provide information across departments in a timely and accurate manner.

The ability to work seamlessly on the same data across multiple platforms, deploy the product on LAN/WAN/Intranet/Extranet provides the organization with an efficient and effective tool-set to reduce cycle time, improve ROI, enhance productivity and enable decision making. The user interface and experience is the same on all platforms and for users around the globe.

AMS REALTIME's open architecture and tools make integration with other enterprise applications easier and readily accomplished. The software suite has support for Python code and provides Python based APIs for easy extension and customization.

Case Study

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA

Dryden Flight Research Center, located at Edwards, California, is NASA's primary installation for flight research. Projects at Dryden over the past 50 years have lead to major advancements in the design and capabilities of many civilian and military aircraft. Dryden's mission elements include: 1) Conduct aeronautical flight research in support of global civil aviation, revolutionary technology leaps, and access to space, 2) Support development and operations of the Space Shuttle and future access-to-space vehicles, 3) Conduct airborne science mission and flight operations and 4) Develop piloted and uninhabited aircraft test beds for research and science missions.

AMS REALTIME Projects has been the standard scheduling tool since 1990 for the Project Management Information System (PMIS) Office, which is staffed by GRD, Inc., under contract with NASA Dryden. GRD Project Analysts have been scheduling individual projects and using multiple project functionality to develop integrated management reports.

In response to a NASA-wide effort to improve business efficiency and performance, Dryden decided to implement the resource management and integrated cost and schedule capabilities of the AMS REALTIME in order to meet their goals. AMS REALTIME Resources gives them enterprise resource management capability, and AMS REALTIME Enterprise Server now acts as a central data repository that is integrated with their other critical database systems.

Implementing the additional AMS REALTIME capability has enabled GRD to accomplish two primary goals for their government customer: to level resources across all projects for the upcoming budget period, and to automatically integrate financial information from legacy systems with the project schedules to provide earned value cost reporting.


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