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Product: Angstrom Titan64Manufacturer: Angstrom MicrosystemsAddress: 27 Drydock Avenue               Boston, Massachusetts 02210Telephone: 617-695-0137URL:

High Performance 64-bit Processing - Angstrom Microsystems Titan64 Series

The Angstrom Titan64 is the world's first 64-bit dual processor 1U development server based on the upcoming AMD Opteron processor. Titan64 offers 64-bit processing combined with a 16GB addressable memory space to satisfy the most computational intensive applications. With the performance of more expensive proprietary UNIX servers, the Titan64 is the leading edge in a new wave of cost-effective shared-memory cache-coherent systems. Titan64 delivers superior system management and power management tools for ease of deploying and and monitoring large cluster installations.

The Angstrom Titan64 is the only 64-bit high performance server that is fully backwards compatible with 32-bit Linux and Microsoft® OS applications. With migration made easy, Titan64 provides a roadmap that incorporates legacy software and enables thoughtful and planned migration to the next generation of PC technology.

Important features of the Angstrom Titan64 server include

  • Ability to run both 32- and 64-bit Linux and Microsoft® OSes to fit your computing needs

  • Improved performance on your legacy x86 applications for investment protection

  • Remote system management

Angstrom Microsystems is a privately-held company located in Boston, Massachusetts. Angstrom's niche is developing custom solutions for high- performance computing needs. Angstrom specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-dense high-performance rackmount servers for streaming, rendering, and clustering applications. Angstrom has experience in providing high performance computing solutions in the rendering, (see Scooby Doo Movie article using Linux), scientific computing, biotechnology, oil and gas, Wall St. and Streaming & CDN industries.

Using best-of-breed components, Angstrom puts them through a series of rigorous testing procedures that last 72 hours. The servers are designed for quality and can withstand harsh operating environments. They offer 6 product lines to choose from.

Titan64 Series: AMD-based 64bit high-performance serversDelta Series: AMD-based high-performance serversPython Series: Industrial-strength Intel-based 2U serversCobra Series: Densely-packed ultra-cool 1U serversViper Series: -48V DC power rackable telco serversNAS Server: 1.44TB of hot-swap IDE RAID storage

Titan64 Series Specifications

Server Specifications:

CPU: 2 AMD Opteron 64-bit capable x86-64 architecture Processors

Memory: 512MB-16GB ECC, Registered DDR333 SDRAM (8 slots, 2GB DIMM Max per slot, 3.05 cm max. height)

Hard Drives: 1-2 Hot swap 36GB-146GB U320 SCSI or 1-2 internal IDE HDDs

SCSI Controller: Embedded U320 controller with integrated mirroring support

Network: I/O Dual embedded Gigabit Ethernet

PCI I/O: 2 PCI-X expansion slots: 1 full-length 133MHz/64-bit; 1 half-length 66MHz/64-bit

Other I/O: Internal CD-ROM & Floppy drives, Embedded SVGA video, keyboard & mouse connectorsManagement Service processor running embedded Web server and SSL encryption for secure Web-based management from anywhere and dedicated dual 10/100 Ethernet ports to service processor

Operating Environmental Parameters

Temperature: 10º C to 35º C (50º F to 95º F)Relative Humidity: 8% to 80%Range: non-condensingAltitude: Up to 3,048m (10,000 ft)Mechanical Vibration: 0.25G at 3Hz to 200Hz for up to 15 minutesMechanical Shock: 1.0G, 11 msec duration,1/2 sine


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