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Product: HyperBlade Cluster SolutionManufacturer: Appro InternationalAddress: 446 South Abbott Avenue               Milpitas, California 95035Telephone: 800-927-5464URL:

Appro HyperBlade Server Architecture advances high-density Linux clusters to the next level to achieve supercomputer performance.

Appro is a leading developer of high-density, high-performance server manufacturer introduced its new HyperBlade cluster based on the Intel Xeon) processors last month at the Intel Developer Forum - San Jose Convention Center.

Customers are interested in the innovative design of the HyperBlade Cluster Solution from Appro. Among them is Pennsylvania State University that will be receiving Appro's first shipment of 40 nodes based on Intel Xeon technology this month; followed by another 40 next month to complete a cluster solution of 80 servers.

The Appro HyperBlade cluster solution is designed for the High-Performance Computational (HPC) market and provides a fully integrated cluster solution for large-scale complex computations. It achieves high-density architecture by using commodity x86 components in a single cluster. With support for up to 80 compute blades, Appro HyperBlade architecture doubles the current rack density using 1U servers. The Appro HyperBlade allows customers to scale out to add capacity, reconfigure on the fly and create a large infrastructure easily while providing the most efficient use of space. The Appro HyperBlade Linux cluster offers supercomputing performance and excellent price-performance ratio for enterprise applications.

The Appro HyperBlade cluster consists of a custom cabinet, integrated PDU, cable management trays, two main 3-phase AC inlets and supports up to 80 compute blades. Each sub-rack consists of 16 compute HyperBlades based on dual Intel® Xeonä processors with Intel® E7501 chipset featuring a 533 MHz system bus. In addition, Appro HyperBlade clusters offer remote server management and high-speed interconnect options.

'Servers based on the Intel Xeon processor are built with high performance and reliability as the core. When combined with powerful remote management capabilities such as in Appro's new HyperBlade product, customers can reduce IT complexity and improve efficiency for enterprise and high-performance servers,' said Lisa Graff, director of enterprise processor marketing for Intel's Enterprise Platform Group.


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