Linux Journal Announces May 'Kernel Internals' Issue

by Rebecca Cassity

"Once again the kernel internals issue has the bang to transfix experienced and aspiring kernel hackers alike," said Carlie Fairchild, VP of Marketing & Sales. "Readers count on Linux Journal to bring them the most reliable technical Linux content available in any publication.

"First off, LJ's editor in chief, Don Marti, and preemptible kernel hacker, Robert Love, each provide their own unique insights into kernel 2.6 - what to expect, how to best exploit it and how to get involved in improving it.

"We are also pleased to have Hans Reiser go in-depth on Reiser4, one of several innovative new file systems in kernel 2.6.

"Toshiyuki Maeda's article on Kernel Mode Linux will interest readers who need raw speed more than anything else, as well as those doing critical embedded applications. He explains how to make any application into a part of the kernel.

"Dave Phillips is on-board again this month sharing his infinite knowledge of Linux's audio capabilities. In this issue he provides a massive roundup of softsynths, software that uses a bewildering array of techniques to turn a Linux box into a truly professional synthesizer studio.

"This issue contains much more technical content, including Linux Journal's standard columns. Two of many are Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge: a dive into Plone, the killer app that might bring Zope-based content management to the masses, and Doc Searls' Linux for Suits: an outlook for Linux's final push into mainstream corporate culture.

"Of course," concluded Fairchild, "this is just a taste of the wide range of news, articles, interviews, features and reviews that our readers will find in Linux Journal each and every month."

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