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Product: OSAS 6.5 General LedgerManufacturer: Open Systems, Inc.Address: 1507 Valley Park Drive, Suite 105              &nbspShakopee, Minnesota 55379Telephone: 800-328-2276URL:

In today's business market, staying on top of your finances is imperative. The OSAS General Ledger application can help you by telling you how much money is coming in, going out, and where you stand. With General Ledger, you get a cost-effective solution, platform flexibility, and a wide array of capabilities.

OSAS General Ledger is part of the OSAS accounting application suite featuring financial, distribution, construction, and light manufacturing applications. The OSAS application suite is flexible, easily customized, and offers advanced reporting capabilities as well as eBusiness solutions.

Choose the platform that suits your business: Linux, UNIX/Solaris/AIX, Windows, or gain access to your data by mixing and matching Linux, UNIX, and Windows clients and servers. With OSAS, you also have unlimited interoperability between character and graphical (Windows) interfaces.

Use General Ledger as the center of your accounting system and then set up accounts and produce statements that include debit and credit information from other interfaced applications. Entries from other applications flow into General Ledger, giving you timely financial information that is vital to your decision-making. You can maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements and reports for up-to-date results on your company's activities.

With General Ledger you can:

  • Work in multiple years at the same time -- when doing year-end processing, you can update the current year without closing out last year's files. Also, multiple-year functionality allows you to see what percentage you've grown over the years--vital information when applying for a loan.

  • Create lists of customized statements for the whole company or for selected divisions, departments, or subaccounts and print them as batch statements.

  • Automatically create a cash flow statement. This is an important requirement needed to produce the approved set of financials required by most banks for loans.

  • Set up your budget quickly with the Account Budgets function. You won't have to start from scratch; you can copy amounts from last year, adjust amounts by percentages or dollar amounts, or allocate an amount over a range of periods.

General Ledger allows you to include arithmetic calculations for percentages, averages, rounding, consolidated statements, ratio analyses, and print-time inserts for headers and footers in reports, giving you personalized financial statements. You can also transfer financial statements to other productivity tools where you can put the information into worksheet format.

About Open Systems, Inc.

Open Systems was founded in 1976 on the premise of delivering powerful accounting software solutions to small and mid-market customers. Consistent with its original vision, Open Systems continues to provide source code for all its products at no additional cost. This approach, unique in the industry, has served well to protect client investment in technology while also encouraging extensive integration to and customization of Open Systems products. The company is privately held and based in Shakopee, MN. For more information, visit or call 800-328-2276.


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