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Product: SysUpdate 4.0Manufacturer:SecurityProfiling, Inc.Address: 839 Main Street, Suite 405                Lafayette, Indiana 47901Telephone: 888-645-3676URL:

SecurityProfiling Adds Solaris & Linux Support to SysUpdate Security Software New Version 4.0 of Patch Management Solution Also Adds Advanced Patch Verification and Plug-Ins for Seamless Integration of Complementary Security Applications

SecurityProfiling, Inc., announces the release of SysUpdate 4.0, the newest edition of its intelligent patch management and vulnerability remediation application built on the company's exclusive anti-vulnerability technology. The new version adds support for UNIX variants, advanced patch verification, and other features to enhance SysUpdate's ability to automatically download and install all patches, hotfixes and OS software updates for every computer on a network.

Major new features in Version 4.0 include:

  • Support for Solaris as well as Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE and Turbolinux distributions, making SysUpdate one of the few products of its kind to offer protection for both UNIX and Windows operating systems.

  • Enhanced patch verification that automatically matches each patch file with the SHA1 or MD5 hashes provided by the patch vendor to ensure that patches have been installed correctly. If the DLLs and patches do not match, SysUpdate automatically fixes the problem to prevent conflict with existing software configurations. This feature and SysUpdate's ability to verify installation at the DLL level are unique in the industry.

  • Plug-ins to support back-end integration with other security products such as intrusion detection systems and scanners. SecurityProfiling will release the first component of its integrated security platform later this month, creating the market's first IDS with intelligence and remote patching functions.

SysUpdate is a policy-driven patch management and vulnerability remediation solution that automatically updates network machines to protect them against potential security threats. The system's exclusive logic engine maximizes protection and minimizes administrators' workload by automating more patching processes than any competitive solution, automatically verifying that updates are installed and running correctly, and automatically assessing patch interdependencies to prevent deployment of unneeded or incompatible fixes.

SysUpdate's logic module automatically determines which updates are needed and compatible with each machine, taking into account the operating system, applications and updates already installed as well as policy determined by the administrator. Updates are then deployed, installed and validated. SysUpdate also generates comprehensive change tracking and audit trail reports to provide documented compliance with security standards.

"We have 400 desktops in this office, and in the past we had to dedicate one technician and two network administrators to physically touch every machine whenever we needed to apply a patch," said Major Sherwin, Computer Operations Manager for the Lafayette, Indiana, office of Landis+Gyr Inc., a provider of metering products and services that was formerly known as Siemens Metering. "With SysUpdate, we can keep every desktop up to date and make sure that both critical and non-critical patches are applied without any physical intervention, and I can manage the whole thing from one console. It's a much better use of our resources, and it offers much better protection for our network."

Pricing and Availability

SysUpdate 4.0 can be downloaded exclusively at One-time site licenses for organizations with more than 10,000 machines are priced at $15 per machine plus annual 20% maintenance.

About SecurityProfiling

Founded in 1998, SecurityProfiling has developed anti-vulnerability technology that is used as the foundation of its advanced network computer security and log management solutions. SysUpdate, the company's flagship patch management and vulnerability remediation product, automates the process of distributing security updates in order to relieve network administrators of the need to manually research, download, deploy, install, validate and document fixes for every machine on the network. The company is privately held and based in Lafayette, Indiana. For more information, visit


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