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by Heather Mead
Mobile DiskOnChip G3

M-Systems announced the release of the 64MB Mobile DiskOnChip G3, in collaboration with Toshiba, to meet the needs of feature-rich mobile devices, such as PDAs and 2.5G and 3G wireless devices. The G3 Flash disk is based on multilevel cell (MLC) NAND Flash memory, which reduces silicon size up to 50% by storing two bits per cell rather than one. The G3 boosts MLC NAND performance levels to those of binary NAND Flash rates. The G3 is available in a 7 × 10 × 1.2mm Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package and in a TSOP-I form factor for other connected and embedded devices.

Contact M-Systems, Inc., 8371 Central Avenue, Suite A, Newark, California 94560, 510-494-2090,,

Quicknet VoIP for Linux

Quicknet Technologies announced Linux Special Edition products that can be used in concert with GnomeMeeting and Quicknet's MicroTelco VoIP services to make and receive voice calls over the Internet with a standard telephone set. Included in the Special Edition product line are internet PhoneJACK-PCI, LineJACK-ISA and PhoneCARD-PCMCIA add-in cards for quality voice transmission. Open-source drivers for the cards are included in the kernel, which combine with Quicknet's VoIP services, OpenH323 protocols and GnomeMeeting to allow low-cost, internet-based PC-to-phone calls worldwide.

Contact Quicknet Technologies, Inc., 520 Townsend Street, San Francisco, California 94103, 415-864-5225,

SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center

The SNAP Ultimate I/O Learning Center is a standalone system that enables users to learn and train with Opto 22's SNAP Ultimate I/O system. The Learning Center includes a SNAP Ultimate processor, assorted I/O modules, a SNAP rack, power supply, load panel and cables. Also included are training manuals, a user's guide and a number of software applications and utilities to help users develop real-time industrial automation and capture-and-deliver applications. The Learning Center provides hands-on experience configuring I/O points, writing simple control strategies and building a graphical user interface.

Contact Opto 22, Inc., 43044 Business Park Drive, Temecula, California 92590, 800-321-OPTO,

GSX Server 2.5

The latest version of VMware's GSX Server, version 2.5, is now available. The enterprise-level virtual machine software is designed for business-critical applications in data centers and other high-traffic needs. GSX Server offers a secure and uniform platform for consolidating and partitioning servers to increase resource utilization and management efficiency. It can run multiple OSes and associated applications concurrently on a single Intel-based system. New features for version 2.5 include support for up to 64GB of host memory, up to 32 host processors and up to 64 active virtual machines.

Contact VMware, Inc., 3145 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, California 94304, 877-486-9273,,


Arcturus Networks and Samsung Electronics have partnered on a reference system, the S3C2500-RGP, for designers of residential gateways (RG), SOHO networks, internet attached devices (IAD) and convergence equipment. The system includes base hardware with extensible modules, the Linux OS and optional firmware suites to improve product functionality while speeding up design time. The platform is built on Samsung's ARM940 S3C2500 processor and is powered by µClinux. The system has 4MB of Flash ROM, 8MB of SDRAM, one 100BaseT Ethernet port, four 100BaseT Ethernet LAN switches, an on-chip cryptographic accelerator, two serial ports, PCMCIA support and I2C serial EPROM. Optional support is available for WiFi, WiFi/WAP, multiport DSP voice and SmartCard VPN authenticaion.

Contact Arcturus Networks, Inc., 116 Spadina Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario M5V 2K6, Canada, 416-621-0125,,

Repartee LX

The Repartee LX unified messaging system operates on Red Hat and offers users access and address communications from a wired or wireless telephone or from a networked PC. Repartee LX enables users to manage real-time telephone calls as well as voice mail and e-mail messages visually from their desktops. Text-to-speech capabilities for mobile users are provided by the ScanSoft RealSpeak speech engine. Features of Repartee LX include 16 international language prompts, analog and serial integrations, web-based system administration and support for 2-16 ports.

Contact ActiveVoice, Inc., 2033 Sixth Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, Washington 98121, 800-284-3575,,

FAXCOM Server on Linux

FAXCOM Server on Linux features support for multiple diverse document attachments using on-the-fly document conversion, and it can support up to 96 ports on one fax server. Expanded fax-routing destination options for inbound faxes include fax port, dialed digits, sender's transmitting station identifier (TSID) and caller ID. When necessary, the same fax can be routed to multiple destinations, including one or more printers. FAXCOM Server on Linux includes a spam Fax Filter, which monitors incoming fax traffic and either eliminates spam traffic or quarantines it in a dedicated folder. FAXCOM Server on Linux also includes a fax-batching mechanism that enables users to send multiple faxes to the same telephone number in one call.

Contact Biscom, Inc., 321 Billerica Road, Chelmsford, Massachusetts 01824, 800-477-2472,,

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