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IBM Tivoli Storage Management Solution - Best Data Storage Winner at LinuxWorld NYC

The IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution is a complete data solution for enterprise level storage management across heterogeneous IT environments comprised of hardware devices, applications, databases, and operating systems. It provides unparalleled policy -based back up and restore functionality across the entire network so that a copy of business critical data can be kept secure at all times from both natural and unnatural disasters. In a November 2002 benchmark test published by Progressive Strategies, the IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution was a clear winner "provides a superior solution to all the most critical challenges we considered".

The IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution installs in minutes and provides customers with more than 300 out of the box reports. This offers immediate return on investment and delivers reports that range from general storage utilization summaries to detailed audits of storage assets to trending reports that forecast asset usage in a variety of fiscally useful ways such as; by department, group or platform. IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution enables organizations to improve their return on investment by optimizing storage utilization, minimizing downtime and streamlining storage management. In addition to the pre-defined reports IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution provides customers with the following capabilities:

  • Create and add custom reports with common reporting tools

  • Automatically publish reports to web site or generate e-mail reports

  • Run reports in automated and scheduled batch mode

  • Advanced and highly automated disaster recovery planning

  • Policy-driven automated data archive and hierarchical storage management

  • Automated e-mail or pager notification to storage administrator for policy-based triggers

IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution is comprised of two key products:

  1. IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager provides the most robust storage resource management functionality in the industry today. IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager can identify, evaluate, control and predict the utilization of enterprise storage assets. Leveraging its policy-based engine, it can detect potential problems and automatically apply self-healing adjustments.

  2. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager understands and addresses the complex challenges of distributed storage management and data protection across multiple devices, operating platforms, and software applications. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager provides unrivaled data protection thru back up and recovery functionality helping to ensure the availability of key business applications

The IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution delivers results to customers. By implementing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager on Linux Hartford Hospital has experienced results like:

  • Reduced backup process from 24 hours to less than one hour

  • Decreased time to restore a file from overnight to almost instantly

  • Increased number of servers backed up from 90 to 143

  • Lowered IT costs via a more efficient use of FTEs and the elimination of operator errors

  • Improved security for backup tapes

"IBM Tivoli Storage Manager restores so fast that it helps our schedule in getting and keeping the systems up. It gives us better data integrity overall for the institution." -- Rich Kubica, managing director, IS Infrastructure

Likewise, Dialtone implemented the IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution on Linux and enjoyed the following results:

  • Provided ability to backup on multiple platforms, including Linux, Unix, and Windows Platforms

  • Realized an additional 2 percent revenue each month

  • Maintained current staff level despite massive increase in storage needs

  • Reduced storage system administrator's workload between 30 and 50 percent

"IBM Tivoli Storage Manager also enabled us to support multiple platforms and operating systems, including Linux, which was an imperative." -- Alvaro Albarracin, President and CEO, Dialtone Internet

Companies today face an expanding set of data storage challenges ranging from how to manage storage across a variety of computing platforms and mobile devices, effective disaster planning, to dealing with increasing storage management costs. IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution helps customers address each of these critical areas.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution enables customers to manage data across multiple applications (databases, web applications severs, mail applications, server directories and much more) and operating systems including Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and others. IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution can also manage storage utilization across hundreds of storage devices ranging from laptops and tape drives to large mainframe servers.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution helps customers address the challenges of disaster recovery planning by allowing them to create customized management, archive, and data recovery policies to address tailored disaster scenarios.

Autonomic Computing is the proactive practice of an IT environment becoming self-managing, self-healing, self-configuring and self-protecting. The IT infrastructure automatically responds to changes in the commuting environment and takes corrective action, thereby reducing the amount of human interaction needed to manage the environment. This allows companies to more efficiently manage their IT staff. IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution delivers autonomic functionality today, based on customized storage management policies. The IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution is a customer's first step toward a fully autonomic storage management environment.

IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager automatically scans storage devices collecting information and reporting its findings back to a centralized console. Customers can create customized policies based on their individual business needs. Guided by the thresholds set within these policies IBM Tivoli Storage Resource Manager can take automatic self-corrective action when problems are identified, thereby working to sustain the overall health of the storage infrastructure and maximizing application availability.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager provides autonomic enterprise wide data protection across WANs, LANs, SANs, and the Internet. By defining storage policies IBM Tivoli Storage Manager helps protect enterprise data across heterogeneous storage environments by automatically initiating archival and data restoration processes.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager supports Adaptive Differencing technology to help self-optimize resource usage for backup. These technologies allow the minimum amount of data to be moved to backup, helping optimize network bandwidth, tape usage and management overhead. IBM Tivoli Storage Manager further provides self-configuring capabilities that perform tasks such as automatically identifying and loading the appropriate drivers for the storage devices connected to a server.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution provides a comprehensive storage management solution that delivers rapid time to value. Companies control the overall cost of storage management and improve the return on the storage investment by centralizing disparate storage activities, automating storage processes, and enabling companies to preserve and leverage their existing investments.

IBM Tivoli Storage Management solution and Linux -- helping customers lower costs and maximize existing assets.


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