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At the COMDEX Fall 2002 show Biscom, a leading provider of enterprise fax management solutions, announced FAXCOM Server on Linux. The new product integrates the proven reliability and efficiency of the FAXCOM Server with the stability and security of the Linux operating system. FAXCOM Server on Linux is currently in beta testing mode and will be available in early 2003.

FAXCOM Server on Linux features support for multiple diverse document attachments via on-the-fly document conversion, and up to 96 ports on one fax server. Expanded fax routing destination options for inbound faxes include: fax port, dialed digits, sender's Transmitting Station Identifier (TSID) and Caller ID. Furthermore, if appropriate, the same fax may be routed to multiple destinations, including one or more printers.

Aside from fax routing efficiencies, FAXCOM Server on Linux includes a SPAM Fax Filter, which monitors incoming fax traffic, and either eliminates SPAM traffic or quarantines it in a dedicated folder. Biscom's SPAM Fax Filter watches for the TSID of each fax. If it recognizes a TSID that has been placed on the SPAM list by the user, or receives a fax that doesn't have a TSID, the SPAM Fax Filter can either reject the fax by hanging up the line or quarantine the SPAM in a separate folder.

"The introduction of our FAXCOM Server on Linux gives us the opportunity to provide this market with our proven fax server technology," says S.K. Ho, founder and CEO of Biscom. "FAXCOM Server on Linux supports 96 fax ports, making it our most robust offering, while providing our customers improved routing efficiencies for managing both inbound and outbound fax traffic."

Also included in FAXCOM Server on Linux is a powerful fax batching mechanism. Fax batching enables users to send multiple faxes to the same telephone number in one call. For instance, if a mortgage company is constantly sending faxes to a certain bank, the batching feature in FAXCOM Server on Linux enables them to send multiple faxes in one call, instead of repeatedly dialing the same number and getting busy signals.

To learn more, visit or contact a Biscom account representative at or 800-477-2472.

About Biscom

Since 1986, Biscom has been widely recognized for its pioneering advances in the technology of enterprise fax management. Biscom provides software-based and complete turnkey information technology systems to some of the world's leading companies. The company's FAXCOM servers provide enterprise-wide solutions that are reliable, scalable and flexible.

In addition to its well-established leadership in the fax server market, Biscom is an innovator in new business communications technologies including: secure document delivery solutions through the acquisition of vVault (, file conversion technologies through the Lincoln & Co. division ( and Internet-based video surveillance applications through the WebEyeAlert division (


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