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AdminForce Ships Powerwall 3 Network Security System

New Powerwall 3NSS incorporates security measures to fight criminal use of the Internet and provides network protection for companies with limited in-house IT capability.

PHILADELPHIA - AdminForce Remote LLC has announced the availability of its next generation Powerwall 3 Network Security System (NSS). Priced at $4,700, the new Powerwall 3 includes: one year of 24x7x365 monitoring, automated upgrades, weekly activity reports and a full range of proxy services. It also features an advanced Intrusion Detection System with alarm and early warning elements, plus criminal protection measures to help prevent security breaches and criminal activity before they occur.

Powerwall 3 NSS is designed with cutting edge technology to meet the security requirements of industry and institutional network operations. Charles "Buck" Fleming, Chairman and CEO of AdminForce LLC, says the product's new security features enable even small- and moderate-sized businesses to obtain protection that until now was available only to enterprise operations.

"With today's lack of preventive network security, it's not surprising that Internet criminals are plundering corporate networks for credit card data, personnel records and proprietary information," says Fleming. "Powerwall 3 was created after a year-long development effort by some of the brightest minds in network security in the U.S. Our team has answered the need for an affordable Internet/network protection product for companies with limited in-house IT capability."

Fleming says it's amazing how frequently stories about curious teenagers breaking into a network vault make the news because networks are so ineffectively protected. However, he explains that the continual inability of most businesses to meet basic network security requirements is often simply a question of available IT talent and budget.

Unlike other network security firewalls that often require IT staff trained in security issues and capable of regular monitoring and upgrading, Powerwall 3 offers a quality monitoring protection and detection package that does not require additional IT staff or significant capital expenditure.

"Product development at AdminForce is focused on the active prevention of network security breaches," says Fleming. "Our company's years of experience in remote administration and prevention of criminal use of the Internet has given our staff the skill set needed to develop the advanced features found in the Powerwall 3 product."

Powerwall 3NSS is available at no extra cost to existing Powerwall customers as part of the usual upgrade procedure. For more information on AdminForce Powerwall 3 and its protection capabilities, visit For information on joining the AdminForce team of resellers and distributors, call 1-877-905-0777 toll-free or visit

About AdminForce

AdminForce Remote, LLC is a professional services company with a focus on delivering outsourced Internet systems administration services. The AdminForce Remote® family of service products provides clients with the advanced, automated, administration service that they depend upon for their business operations. AdminForce Remote delivers automated server monitoring, reporting and upgrading while significantly decreasing operating costs for client Information Systems departments. AdminForce Remote is an affiliate of LinuxForce, Inc. Our complete, professional, team approach to systems management is based on a customer value orientation, which ensures that you will get the service you require. We strive to exceed customer expectations and meet all of your needs. For more information about AdminForce Remote refer to or call our corporate offices at 1-877-905-0777.


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