Linux Journal Announces February Enterprise Issue

by Rebecca Cassity

"The enterprise issue is tangible proof on how successfully Linux has established itself in corporate computing," commented Carlie Fairchild, VP of Marketing & Sales. "Our readers will find many articles that increase their effectiveness in key areas. In hardware we cover the new SGI Altix 3000: with its 64 processors, it is reputed to be the fastest Linux system on earth. In development we delve into the Intel Compiler and put it head-to-head against the GNU C Compiler. In servers we go in-depth on SMTP mail servers for multiple domains on a single machine. In networking we cover different aspects of USB, including USB in the kernel and embedded applications. Of course there's so much more; this is just a sample of the articles included this month."

As usual, the February issue will contain Linux Journal's standard articles and columns, including Linux for Suits and On the Web by Doc Searls, Kernel Korner, Paranoid Penguin and many others that cover every facet of Linux.

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