Linux Briefs

by Doc Searls
Google Search Snapshots

On December 5, 2002, Google yielded the following top ten search results:

For "Linux":



  3. Red Hat

  4. Linux Documentation Project


  6. Linux Journal

  7. Linux Kernel Archives

  8. Linux Today

  9. Mandrake Linux

  10. SuSE

- out of 56,600,000 results

For "Journal":

  1. Wall Street Journal

  2. Linux Journal

  3. New England Journal of Medicine

  4. British Medical Journal

  5. THE Journal Onlne

  6. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  7. Journal of Neroscience


  9. EMBO Journal

  10. Journal of Biological Chemistry

- out of 31,200,000 results

Google conducts its searches on more than 10,000 Linux servers.

Swimming Is Another Matter, purveyor of demotivating posters, calendars, mugs and other gift shop trivia, has included this poster among its latest raft of offerings:

The poster's web page says it's perfect for:

  • Amusing good natured Linux users.

  • Motivating hypercompetitive Mircosoft programmers who are under express orders from Gates to "Dismantle Linux".

Given Microsoft's anti-Linux track record, perhaps more than a few of these posters have found their way to Redmond.

Doc Searls is senior editor of Linux Journal.


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