Program Shorts

by David Bandel


If you need to keep a recipe book, this is the ticket. You can input ingredients and the preparation process and save it. When you decide you want to cook something, the program can generate a list of ingredients in a shopping list, and you can print it out. Now, if you could ship it off via web to a local grocery store and have the ingredients delivered, you wouldn't even have to leave the house. Unfortunately, recipes are not included. Requires: web server with PHP and SQL (PostgreSQL or MySQL) support, SQL server and a web browser.

Sample Recipe Entry


If you live in the US, you can get RoadMap and pinpoint any known location. If you want to know where 120 Main Street, Port La Belle, Florida, is, it's simply a matter of giving RoadMap that address. It will show you exactly where it is. You can interface RoadMap with a GPS and keep track of your position at all times. Simple to use, easier to read, it's a must-have for travelers in the US. Requires: libgtk, libgdk, libmodule, libglib, libdl, libXi, libXext, libX11, libm, glibc.

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