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Product: CommerceMadeEasyManufacturer: Server Connections, Inc.Address: 300 Hamilton Avenue               White Plains, New York 10601Telephone: 800-650-1272URL: commercemadeeasy

Internet Server Connections, Inc. is pleased to present its full e-commerce package, CommerceMadeEasy.

CommerceMadeEasy is the winner of the Best of Show award in the category of commerce in the Fall Internet World Show. It is a Linux-based software and is provided to the clients of ISC as a service to be used by resellers and end-users of E-Commerce services. All system components were developed in C++ for optimal performance and security. It is completely cookie-less and provides a secure Internet Wizard for creating new accounts. It provides services such as "Sales", "Auction", "Access" and "Contribution". The Wizard may be used to quickly setup a commerce site from an existing website with advanced search, credit card gateway, security, and many other capabilities. CommerceMadeEasy can be used to set up and create complex commerce sites, in any industry, in a matter of days. As the package was developed entirely in-house, it permits easy customization to cater to your exact needs. Management, and maintenance of these commerce sites are made trivial with this product. CommerceMadeEasy is ideal for Resellers in creation of Commerce sites for their clients as well as for end-users who do not wish to spend a lot of money on Commerce development.

Its salient features are:

  • Cookieless shopping cart

  • Sales software

  • Auction software

  • Access (Membership/Electronic Subscription)

  • Contribution collection for nonprofit organizations

  • Shopping Malls and Store-Fronts with independent stores

  • Plain and advanced search capabilities

  • Secure on-line relational database system

  • Complete online database access and management interface

  • Import/export from/to all databases

  • Inventory tracking

  • Invoicing

  • Report generation

  • UPS/FedEx package tracking

  • Multi-language support

  • Fully flexible look and feel

  • Customized add-on modules

  • 128-bit encryption for high security

  • Works with the AuthorizeNet Credit Card gateways

  • Maybe configured to work with other gateways

  • Off-line check payment


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