Linux Journal Press Announces Release of "Linux in the Workplace"

by Rebecca Cassity

According to William Pollock, Publisher of No Starch Press, "We've all witnessed the growing discontent among computer users the world over with Microsoft. Whether due to Microsoft's controversial licensing plans, pricey and frequent upgrades, or buggy software, many business people simply want an alternative. Open Source offers that alternative, both in the Linux operating system and in the Open Source office suite, OpenOffice."

"Linux in the Workplace" was a team effort - written by the staff of Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC), publishers of the award-winning monthly magazine Linux Journal. "SSC has been using Linux desktops for about eight years," says Phil Hughes, Publisher of Linux Journal. And while one might think that SSC is full of Linux experts, Hughes notes that "most of those users had never seen Linux before coming to work for us. Thus we have the experience of bringing new, non-technical users to the Linux desktop and felt that what we had learned was worth sharing.... Microsoft does not have a monopoly on an integrated GUI environment. Linux with KDE offers a very real alternative to MS Windows," says Hughes.

According to Pollock, "We think it's important to publish this book because, while we've seen many books about using Linux from a geek standpoint, this is the first to focus on using Linux and the KDE desktop to perform those pesky, everyday office tasks by pointing and clicking, rather than entering commands. I think of it as the Linux version of one of those step-by-step how to use Microsoft Windows/Office books, except that all of the tools in this book are free and bloatless."

"Linux in the Workplace" shows readers how to:

  • Prepare documents, build spreadsheets, and create charts and presentations using alternative office software like OpenOffice - a free replacement for Microsoft Office

  • Connect to the Internet and create web pages

  • Create and manipulate graphics using The GIMP and other free drawing programs

  • Streamline day-to-day tasks with a personal information manager, calendar, and scheduler

  • Transfer information between a PDA and the desktop

  • Send and receive e-mail and subscribe to newsgroups

Available in bookstores or from the Linux Journal Store (, "Linux in the Workplace" is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants an alternative to Microsoft and is seriously considering a move to Linux.

About the AuthorSpecialized Systems Consultants, Inc., publishers of Linux Journal, is an established leader in the Linux, Open Source, and UNIX fields. The staff uses Linux daily for everything from word processing to system administration.

About No Starch PressSince 1994, San Francisco based No Starch Press has been dedicated to producing readable, information-packed computer books. No Starch Press focuses on Open Source, Web development, security, programming, and alternative operating systems.

About Linux Journal PressLinux Journal Press publishes books on cutting-edge Open Source topics that help to advance the acceptance and usability of Open Source software. An imprint of No Starch Press, Linux Journal Press titles are developed in partnership with Linux Journal and can be purchased at the Linux Journal Store on-line,

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