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Product: AX6113Manufacturer: AXIOM Technology, Inc.Address: 18138 Rowland Street                City of Industry, California 91748Telephone: 626-581-3232URL:

A state-of-the-art high-density 19" rackmount network server, which is capable of running 3 independent systems (1/3U system) simultaneously and individually in the space of only 1U!

With its architecture, the AX6113 triples the power of previous servers. When installed into a standard 42U high cabinet, its like installing 126 regular 1U servers in the same space!

The AX6113 features:

  • 3 half-size CPU cards in each 1/3U system. Each card features an Intel Pentium III CPU, up to 512MB of SDRAM, a video controller that supports CRT/LCD displays, and Ethernet controller and port with Wake on LAN support, and numerous I/O options.

  • Each 1/3U system includes one slim-line CD-ROM drive, one 3.5" IDE HDD, a 100W open-frame power supply, and two 4cm ball-bearing cooling fans.

The server is designed to meet the demands of various applications where reliability and space saving are priorities, including high-density clustered systems, server farms, and web site hosting. The AX6113 is also compatible with many operating systems, including Linux.

The AX6113 has garnered accolades from many top industry leaders, and has been awarded a CT Expo 2001 Best of Show Award and also a Broadcast Engineering NAB2002 Pick Hit Award.


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