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Product: Share360 Collaboration SuiteManufacturer: Cybozu CorporationAddress: 235 Montgomery Street, Suite 1004,                    San Francisco, California 94104Telephone: 415-421-1969URL:

Share360 by Cybozu is an award-winning Web-based groupware suite integrating 11 collaboration applications, including WebMail, Scheduler, ToDo List, Whereabouts, Address Book, Bulletin Board, Discussions, Cabinet, Memos, Project, and Web Forms. Centrally managed on your company's Web server, Share360 enables your workgroup to be more organized, efficient and productive immediately.

As a 5th generation Office suite, Share360 delivers proven functionality and success with over 13,000 customers (17,000 departments) worldwide, including GE Capital, Johnson & Johnson, Kenwood and NTT Communications.


Share360 offers a complete suite of integrated and intuitive collaboration applications:

  • Scheduler - Easily keep track of and maintain your individual or co-workers' schedules. Intuitive, simple and fast, you can quickly view and schedule meetings, appointments or company resources.

  • Whereabouts - Instantly find your co-workers when you need them and let others know where you are and how to contact you. The Time Sheet feature enables you to keep track of your monthly and daily time sheets.

  • Bulletin Board - Centrally post company-wide announcements. Disseminate important information immediately to the desktops of all employees.

  • WebMail - Send and receive email in an easy, Web-based email system integrated with the rest of Share360. WebMail complies with SMTP/POP3 Internet standards, so it is simple to set up and use.

  • Address Book - Centralize all your company business contacts, your employee list, as well as your personal contacts.

  • ToDo List - Organize your many tasks and responsibilities. ToDo List allows you to assign tasks to yourself or to a group.

  • Memos - Quickly and easily get important news to specific co-workers, and track responses of the recipients online and in one place.

  • Discussions - Interact and converse real-time with co-workers without being in the same location. Read and add to each thread real-time from your Web browser.

  • Cabinet - Create a central repository to organize and store all of your company's shared documents. The Cabinet includes version control to facilitate efficient collaborative work on all company documents.

  • Web Forms - Create online forms without knowing HTML. Each form can be routed electronically throughout your office for quick online approvals.

  • Project - Manage multiple projects with formal goals, tasks and timeline tracking.

Simply download and install Share360 on a Linux, FreeBSD or Windows machine with a standard Web server. Login at the given Web site address, and set up the other users through an easy Web interface. Instruct users to go to the same URL and login to begin reaping the benefits of Share360 instantly. You don't need to install anything on the users' machines, and no particular technical expertise is required to install and maintain Share360.

Product Benefits

Easy Communication and CollaborationShare360 enables your office to collaborate on tasks, projects, meetings, ideas or any office initiative easily and efficiently all in one place. Users have access to centralized information and resources from their own personal Home Pages.

Easy Set Up and MaintenanceThe applications are accessible through a Web browser, so no client installations are needed - just download and install Share360 on your server with a standard Web server. Simple to install, operate and administer, you can have your company intranet up and running in minutes without the need for dedicated IT resources. With a file download size of less than 2.3MB for Windows (1.6MB for Linux), download and usage will be lightening fast.

Fast and Reliable DatabasePowered by a proprietary object-oriented database, data can be pinpointed instantly, dramatically reducing waiting and searching time compared with text-based databases used by other Web groupware vendors.

Multi-platformShare360 runs on Linux 2.X, FreeBSD, or Windows 98/NT/2000/XP over any TCP/IP-based network and is accessible via web browsers from Windows, Macintosh, Linux and other Unix PCs, as well as Palm OS® handheld devices. Since it was developed for many platforms, switching between Linux and Windows is easy and free.

Instant Productivity and EfficiencyWith the new friendly and simple interface, users can enjoy the benefits of Share360 immediately. No training or manuals are necessary. Just launch a Web browser and point and click.

Dependable Product and Customer SupportCybozu was selected No.1 in the category of Product and Service by the '6th Computer Customer Satisfaction Survey', conducted by Nikkei Computer two years in a row. Cybozu was praised not only for creating products that are easy to use, but also for product reliability; speedy customer support was also rated No.1, ranking above Lotus Notes.


Share360 is extremely value-oriented for even small businesses. First of all, there's a free, no obligation 60-day trial. If you decide to purchase, the Share360 Standard suite starts at $898. This is a one-time fee with no hidden charges, maintenance or support fees.

Share360 Standard: Includes Scheduler, Whereabouts, Bulletin Board, WebMail, Address Book, ToDo List, Memos, Cabinet and Discussions.

10 Users          $89830 Users          $1,64850 Users          $2,248100 Users          $3,998Unlimited Users       $8,998

Share360 Complete: Includes Scheduler, Whereabouts, Bulletin Board, WebMail, Address Book, ToDo List, Memos, Cabinet, Discussions, Web Forms and Project.

10 Users          $1,29830 Users          $2,69850 Users          $3,748100 Users          $6,498Unlimited Users       $14,998

Cybozu is proud to offer a discount for non-profit and educational institutions. Please contact us at for more information.

System Requirements

Software Server OS:Windows 98Windows NT Server 4.0/Workstation 4.0Windows 2000 Server/ProfessionalWindows XP ProfessionalLinux (Kernel version: 2.x)

Web Server:IIS 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0 for Windows NT//2000/XPPeer Web Services for Windows NT Workstation 4.0Personal Web Server 4.0 for Windows 98Apache 1.1 and later for Linux (Kernel version: 2.x)Share360's Cybozu Web Server

Browser:Netscape Navigator 4.7 or laterInternet Explorer 4.0 or later

Hardware (Minimum Requirement):CPU:          Intel Pentium 90MHzRAM:         32 MB (64 MB recommended)Hard disk:      25 MB (50 MB recommended)

How to Get Started

Simply download Share360 for a free 60-day trial, no obligations. Your company or workgroup can use the full-feature product with as many users as you want for the length of the trial. If you like the product, simply return to our Web site and purchase the product for a one-time fee with no hidden costs or additional fees. There is no need to re-install the product or transfer any data.

Contact Information

To find out more about Share360 or Cybozu, please e-mail To download the free trial of Share360, visit


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