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Product: Linux Crash RecoveryManufacturer: UniTrendsAddress: 1601 Oak Street, Suite 201               Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577Telephone: 800-648-2827URL:

UniTrends Introduces Complete Crash Recovery for Linux-Based Computers

"Bare metal" data recovery saves time, money; works with existing backup/restore software from Veritas, Legato, others

UniTrends Software Corporation, a leading developer of enterprise-wide, cross-platform data protection products and services, today unveiled its Linux Crash Recovery (LCR) software, enabling systems administrators to quickly restore Linux-based computers to full working order within minutes.

LCR continues UniTrends' 15-year tradition of providing a comprehensive set of data recovery tools to companies of all sizes. It extends complete ``bare metal'' data recovery to computers running all major flavors of Linux, including the latest versions of United Linux and Red Hat. It also enables the rapid recovery of corporate-critical data without having to perform a clean reinstall of the operating system, a task which, until now, could take several hours to complete. Using LCR, the same task can be performed in as little as 10 minutes.

In addition, LCR complements all of today's leading storage management software, working seamlessly with UniTrends' Backup Professional\256, as well as products from companies such as Veritas, Legato, IBM and others. It performs restores across multiple configurations, ranging from RAID and disk-to-disk, all the way down to removable Zip disks.

"Linux Crash Recovery is consistent with our corporate mission, and offers Linux users the same peace of mind as our existing customers," said Steve Schwartz, UniTrends' president. "In today's business environment, users want and need solutions that are simple, powerful and reliable. LCR delivers on those requirements in a cost-effective manner." Schwartz noted that with the introduction of LCR, UniTrends now offers rapid crash recovery capability across nine operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Solaris, UNIX and Novell, more than any other company.

Using Linux Crash Recovery, administrators can easily create a bootable piece of media, to be used in case of a system crash, with bit-level verification. When a crash occurs, the media automatically restores the operating system, device drivers and all applications. Once the LCR-enabled restore is finished, a full data restore can then be performed, running the most recent backup.


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