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Product: ValuSmart 160 DLT-Based Tape DriveManufacturer: Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc.Address: 3122 Sterling Circle               Boulder, Colorado 80301Telephone: 1-877-772-3624URL:

Benchmark Storage Innovations Announces Next Generation DLT-Based ValuSmart Tape Drive

Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc., the source for unique storage innovations that manage and protect customer data, today announced the introduction of its second-generation half-high form factor DLT tape drive and its accompanying media, extending tape technology's fastest-growing ValuSmart Tape family, chosen by leading systems OEM partners for its reliability, innovation and value.

The ValuSmart Tape family now features Benchmark's industry exclusive half-height design that incorporates the best core technology components, offering multiple operating points for greater application opportunity. The ValuSmart family integrates the latest leading technologies including Magneto Resistive (MR) Heads for greater density and durability, integrated circuitry for compact design and reduced power consumption, and simplified market tested mechanics for form factor and reliability.

With 160 GB of compressed capacity and a 16 MB/second compressed transfer rate, the ValuSmart Tape 160 features twice the capacity of its popular industry-first half-high ValuSmart Tape 80. The ValuSmart Tape 160 features back-read compatibility with the Benchmark DLT1 and ValuSmart Tape 80. The ValuSmart Tape 160 maintains Benchmark's exclusive half-height form factor for DLT drives.

"The tape storage industry is evolving rapidly," said Charlene Murphy, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Benchmark. "Benchmark's next generation tape drive, the ValuSmart Tape 160, incorporates the most advanced technology available enabling increased performance and capacity in a half-height DLT tape drive. Rapid adoption leveraging leading edge technology is a requirement for new offerings in today's market. "

In tandem with the ValuSmart Tape160 tape drive, Benchmark proudly introduces its own enhanced DLT media format, ValuSmart Media, offering unprecedented value in terms of cost per GB of tape storage. ValuSmart Media can be used throughout the ValuSmart Tape family, including the DLT1, ValuSmart Tape 80, ValuSmart 640 Blade, and the ValuSmart Tape 160. ValuSmart Media has been co-developed with recording media industry leader Sony Corporation. Both the ValuSmart Tape 160 and ValuSmart Media will be available in Q3 of this year.

"In addition to proven reliability of the ValuSmart Tape product family, DLT users have told us that the half-high form factor has increased space efficiency for both internal and external applications," said Steven Berens, Benchmark's Vice president of Marketing. "We are pleased to offer an extension to the ValuSmart family that pushes all the smart options that customer have come to expect - reliability, value, and space efficiency."

"Sony's core competencies in metal coating technology draw upon our 50 years of experience in creating recording media solutions for a wide range of industry-accepted formats," said Seiichi Tsukioka, Senior General Manager, Recording Media Company, Sony Corporation. "We are looking forward to a successful relationship with Benchmark on the newly developed media for the new ValuSmart Tape 160 drives."

Along with the new ValuSmart media, Benchmark is announcing a new roadmap that allows for over a terabyte of data in a single media cartridge. The technology roadmap for the ValuSmart DLT offerings can be found at

Industry Comments

"As tape technology evolves, developers are producing unique, progressive formats," commented Fara Yale, chief analyst, Computer Storage Service, Gartner Dataquest. "One significant criterion for products to continue to prevail is that they keep pace with the voracious storage appetite of today's servers."

"Benchmark has demonstrated its innovation and responsiveness to market needs since the introduction of its first product, the DLT1, in 1999," said Bob Abraham, president, Freeman Reports. "The timely introduction of the third product in the family in less than three years positions Benchmark to continue its impressive, solid growth."

"The introduction of the ValuSmart Tape 160 drive and cartridge demonstrates Benchmark's commitment to extend the technology," said Robert Amatruda, research manager at IDC. "ValuSmart Tape 160 delivers more capacity and performance to value conscious customers."

"Our customers utilize tape backup systems as simple, cost-effective solutions to reduce the risk of data loss," said Mike Skymba, senior manager, Dell PowerVault product management. "These new additions to the ValuSmart Tape family provide excellent performance at a price that our customers will find very compelling."

"The exponential growth in the storage industry is proof that systems professionals understand the importance of data protection," said Robert Scroop, vice president and general manager, Storage Resource Business Unit, Overland Data, Inc. "One challenge most users confront now is finding a tape storage solution that meets their growth requirements for the best value. Benchmark's ValuSmart Tape 160 and ValuSmart Media meet that criteria."

"The decision to purchase tape storage must be simplified," said Jack Robinson, corporate director of marketing, Tandberg Data. "These new additions to the ValuSmart Tape family exemplify how reliability, ease-of-use, and solid value can simplify the decision-making process."

About Benchmark

Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc. is a storage automation and device manufacturer dedicated to delivering DLT data protection products that feature exceptional reliability and winning value performance. Featuring the industry's fastest-growing technology, called ValuSmart Tape, Benchmark's products are known for reliability, value and innovative design -- and are the preferred choice among leading systems OEMs. With the support of Benchmark's employees and extensive group of distinguished industry partners, Benchmark, founded in 1998, has achieved ten quarters of successive revenue growth since its first shipment in Q4 1999 and is expected to continue profitable growth in 2002.

ValuSmart Tape andTape and VS Tape are trademarks of Benchmark Storage Innovations, Inc in the US and other countries.


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