GNU on Fifth Avenue: Free Software Demo Day for Small Business

by Don Marti

On Friday, May 24th, the New York Linux Scene and the City University of New York will present the GNU/Linux Small Business Demo, featuring a variety of free software useful for small businesses. The Demo will be held at 365 Fifth Avenue in New York, New York.

Speakers will include Linux Journal contributors Ruben Safir of Brooklyn and David Sugar of the Bayonne internet telephony project. The seminar will focus on software for small businesses, such as file-sharing and desktop applications, project management systems, SQL databases and internet telephony and radio.


10:00 AM-10:30 AMRuben Safir    Opening Remarks, GNU/Linux and the Small Business

10:40AM-11:10PMJonathan Jacobs    X Terminal Services, Cross-Platform Interoperability, the GNU/Linux Desktop

11:30PM-12:00PMPhil Glaser    phpGroupWare

12:30PM-1:00PMRuben Safir    SQL Database Management, Overview of GNU/Linux, Mail/Web/File Servers

1:30PM-2:00PMMarco Scoffier    Graphics and Imaging Software

2:30PM-3:00PMDavid Sugar    Bayonne, Internet Telephony

3:30PM-4:00PMMarco Scoffier and Brett Wynncoop    Internet Audio Broadcasting Server

Don Marti is the technical editor of Linux Journal.

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