Product of the Day: Benchmark ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade

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Product: ValuSmart Tape 640 BladeManufacturer: Benchmark Storage Innovations Inc.Address: 3122 Sterling Circle               Boulder, Colorado 80301Telephone: 1-877-772-3624E-mail: info@4benchmark.comURL:

Benchmark ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade

The industry's first 2-unit (3.34 inches) high DLT autoloader, the ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade offers 640 GB of compressed capacity and a 6 MB/second compressed transfer rate. At a price comparable to some stand-alone tape drives ($4,449 list price), the ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade can be considered an extended drive, offering significantly increased capacity, providing random access to eight cartridges, and offering maximized efficiency and data integrity. The Benchmark ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade is the industry's first integrated autoloader. This evolutionary design offers increased reliability, serviceability and manufacturability. Featuring the integrated Benchmark ValuSmart Tape 80 half-high drive as just one complete Unit, the ValuSmart Tape 640 Blade provides best-of-breed data density when implemented in rack-optimized installations. The combination of performance and packaging in a sub-$5000 price category sets a new benchmark of value.

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