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Product: WANPIPE Version 2.2.5Manufacturer: Sangoma Technologies CorporationAddress: 50 McIntosh Drive, Suite 120

                 Markham, Ontario                 Canada L3R 9T3Telephone: 800-388-2475, 905-474-1990E-mail: mailto:sales@sangoma.comURL:

WANPIPE 2.2.5 release WAN routing software delivers enhanced manageability

As Linux is used more and more in the role of Internet server, security device and router, it is important that its WAN support continues to improve and grow.

The new release of WANPIPE Version 2.2.5 (available for free download at provides the following enhancements:

  • Full SNMP MIB support for Frame Relay, CHDLC and X.25 protocols.WANPIPE has always supported the standard interface SNMP MIBs, but now detailed information and statistics are available at the protocol level in standard SNMP format. The SNMP MIBS meet the following standards:

             Frame Relay: RFC1315 
             Point-to-Point: RFC1471, RFC1472, RFC1473, RFC1474
             X.25: RFC1382.

    This makes it easy to manage large networks of WANPIPE equipped servers using standard SNMP management tools such as HP Openview. Read wanpipe/snmp/README for more info.

  • System status reporting in XMLIt is now possible to receive WAN status reports and alarms in XML format. You can now build your own network monitoring system based on easily available, standard tools.

  • Support of the new S514/ET1 and S514/56 cardsThe S514/ET1 card supports both T1 and E1 as full or fractional installations. The S514/56 supports 56kbps DDS lines which are particularly popular for closed Frame Relay intranets.

  • No more kernel recompilation requiredThere is now no requirement to recompile the kernel when installing WANPIPE, and the modules are recompiled automatically. This saves a great deal of time and simplifies the installation considerably.

  • Improved control at the interface levelYou can now control not just physical WAN links but individual interfaces individually. For instance, on a Frame Relay network supporting 100 remotes you can now bring up and down each interface without affecting the others. For example:

                 wanrouter start wanpipe1 wp1_chicago

    Will start up the interface named wp1_chicago with out affecting the status of wp1_washington or wp1_atlanta.

  • WAN monitor programs now work through firewallsWhen run on the local console the monitor programs fpipemon, cpipemon etc. can provide network information regardless of firewall rules. Remote debugging continues to use private UDP calls and so is subject to all IP filtering rules. You can turn off remote access completely and still access the WAN statistics on the system console. You can still access the data remotely through telnet or ssh.

  • Build your own RPMs tailored to your custom systemWe have provided tools that allow you to build custom RPMs for any Linux distribution. This speeds up the process of rolling out large numbers of installations. See

  • Web interface for WAN configurationFor those who are building Sangoma WAN solutions into their own Linux based products, we now have a universal web based configurator that can provide seamless integration into an OEM HTML based management system.

  • Java based universal monitor

    The command line monitors fpipemon, cpipemon etc. are now supplemented by a graphical Java based monitor called LinkView. Because LinkView is Java based, the same monitor runs on all platforms, including Windows and Linux and FreeBSD. LinkView supports all the WAN protocols in the one program. See

As Linux routers become more mainstream, the Sangoma product line continues to evolve. New software enhancements are released monthly, and several new hardware initiatives are under way.


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