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by Heather Mead

Lifix Go! 2.0 is a set of software components that provide mobility within a single on-going session between all IP networks, including 802.11a/b/g, Ethernet and cellular networks, such as GPRS and CDMA 2000. Lifix Go! consists of a mobility server, including foreign agent and home agent, and mobile client software. Full support for the RFC3220 Mobile IP standard is offered, as is support for multiple network interfaces on all platforms and support for various VPN clients. RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting are available in all software components; diameter authentication, authorization and accounting support is available for the mobile client.

Contact Lifix Systems Oy, Yliopistonkatu 5, 3rd Floor, FIN-0010 Helsinki, Finland,,

GVS 9000 2U Rack System

Terra Soft Solutions introduced a dual GHz G4 cluster node/server/workstation in a GVS 9000 2U Rack System with Yellow Dog Linux 2.0 and Mac OS X pre-installed. Components of the system include dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 with AltiVec CPUs; a 1GB PC-133 SDRAM and two DIMMs for memory; an 80GB IDE drive for storage; Gigabit, FireWire and USB communications; an ATI RADEON 7500 dual video card; a single 64/66 PCI slot; and an Apple USB keyboard and mouse. The system is designed to be comparable to current Macintosh G4 towers.

Contact Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., 117 West Second Street, Loveland, Colorado 80537, 970-278-9243,,


QuickCRC for Linux, an object-oriented design tool that automates CRC (class, responsibilities and collaboration) cards, is now available from Excel Software. With QuickCRC, software designers can identify object classes, relationships and related information before writing code. It uses a diagram workspace for creating card and scenario objects; projects are saved as XML files. QuickCRC can also be used to create and add attributes to cards that are suited for lightweight development approaches or for being front ends to larger modeling efforts using UML. QuickCRC also provides active simulation of an evolving design.

Contact Excel Software, 19 Misty Mesa Court, Placitas, New Mexico 87043, 505-771-3719,,

Token Ring Drivers

Madge Networks has announced the availability of open-source drivers for their range of Token Ring adapters. The new drivers include software that supports version 2.4.2 of the kernel, as well as precompiled drivers for implementations based on the 2.4.2 kernel. Supported by these drivers are Madge's Smart MK4 PCI family, RapidFire 3140 PCI family and the Smart CardBus MK2 Token Ring adapters. The drivers can be downloaded from the Madge Networks site at The site also offers an on-line discussion group for Linux users.

Contact Madge Networks, 1 State Street Plaza, 12th Floor, New York, New York 10004, 800-US-MADGE (toll-free),

EasiLiX SM

EasiLiX SM is software for network security and administration management. Designed to be installed and maintained easily and quickly, EasiLiX includes tools for DNS, Web, e-mail, Squid proxy, FTP and DHCP services for intranet, internet and network needs. EasiLiX shares a single IP address across all computers on the network, and the network can be configured with the included DNS and DHCP servers. Other features of EasiLiX include intergration with kernel version 2.4; ReiserFS; Ethernet, xDSL, dial-up and cable modem support; 128bit SSL and OpenSSL support; Samba file/printer sharing with other desktop systems; MySQL database; and PHP, Perl and Python scripting support.

Contact Easilize Software Solutions,,

3DBOXX R1 and RenderBOXX R Series

BOXX Technologies, providers of digital content creation systems, introduced the 3DBOXX R1 series of workstations and the RendorBOXX R series of rendering systems. Both systems feature the AMD Athlon MP processor 2000+ with QuantiSpeed architecture and Smart MP technology. They are available in dual-processor configurations, feature NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL graphics adapters and are optimized for creating and rendering 3-D content and animation using popular software such as Maya, Houdini and others. The AMD Athlon MP processor is designed for high-performance multiprocessing servers and workstations.

Contact BOXX Technologies, Inc., 9390 Research Boulevard, Kaleido II, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78759, 877-877-2699 (toll-free),

Red Hat Linux Advanced Server

Red Hat's enterprise-level platform, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, offers products that enable large companies to accelerate migration to Linux running on Intel-based server systems. It features kernel enhancements for improved application I/O performance (asynchronous I/O) and scalable data access across multiple servers. Clustering benefits include NFS/CIFS failover, scalable node support, multiple load-balancing configurations, 2-node failover and shared-storage devices. Advanced Server also offers an improved process scheduler, support for up to eight SMPs, global 24/7 support and long-term API consistency.

Contact Red Hat, Inc., PO Box 13588, RTP, North Carolina 27709, 919-754-3700,

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