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Product: Magnia SG10Manufacturer: Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.Address: 9740 Irvine Boulevard                 Irvine, California 92618Telephone: 949-583-3063URL:

A sleek, turnkey "Network-in-a-Box" that delivers server-optimized performance and functionality starting at less than $1,300

The Magnia SG10 is smaller than a VCR, but it has the power and ability to create a local area network (LAN) for an entire law office. The Magnia SG10 is a total prepackaged system with Linux provided firewall, file/print sharing, Internet and printer gateway, web caching, content filtering, backup, email services, remote administration and Linux operating system, all at a comprehensive integrated low cost.

Fast, Simple Networking for Instant Data Exchange

With a built-in 7-port switch, the Magnia SG10 makes it easy to network PCs (either Microsoft or MAC client operating systems) with a wired LAN while adding an optional access point enables users to construct a wireless LAN and avoid costly network installations. Once your network is set up, attorneys will be able to simultaneously share files, a printer and one Internet account at any time, from anywhere in the office.

Shared Internet connectivity is available with the addition of an external DSL or cable modem for high-speed broadband access or the built-in 56K modem can be used to share a dial up Internet connection. A single Internet account will save you money you would have otherwise had to spend on individual ISP accounts for each client computer.

Convenient Storage Management for Easy Access to Your Files

Centralized data is one of the primary advantages of the Magnia SG10 over a peer-to-peer network, ensuring files are available to all networked PCs and prevents the duplication of data. The Magnia SG10 can be a small law firm's first server network where centralized storage enables all PCs to access all shared data even if a PC moves out of the network. The Magnia SG10 offers storage up to 40GB with up to two 20GB hard drives.

Access Your Data from Any Location over a Secured Network

Information stored on the Magnia SG10 is even available from off-site locations with the included virtual private network (VPN) feature. VPN ensures anytime, anywhere access in an enhanced secure environment, protecting valuable data while providing access to those who need it. The Magnia SG10 also comes with a configurable firewall application, which is renewable and can be upgraded verses a factory set condition on routers that cannot be updated.

Flexible Data Backup Solutions

Data backup choices are available to safeguard valuable information and provide the ability to restore data efficiently. The Magnia SG10 provides protection for files via three optional data backup choices:

  • Use 2nd hard drive as a copy of 1st hard drive, or

  • Backup to an external storage device (i.e., Zip drive) attached to client computer, or

  • Secure Internet Backup Services via the Internet (optional)

Included Features
  • Internet Connectivity: Simultaneous Internet access via one shared account

  • Files: Share files and a single printer

  • Email: Works with Microsoft® Outlook® and Netscape® Communicator on client computers

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): Allows authorized users to access all information on the LAN created by the Magnia SG10 from remote locations.

  • Intranet: Easily create your own Intranet (internal web-site) using the Magnia SG10 templates or custom HTML pages to post company announcements, forms, etc.

  • Firewall: Protects important data against unwanted intrusion from the Internet

  • Wireless Networking: Add an access point to create a wireless network utilizing Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b). -Remote Authorized Access: Remotely access the network with a 56K modem or optional 128-bit SSL VPN tunnel/port

  • Cross Platform Files: Store and retrieve both Microsoft Windows® and Apple® Mac OS files (client computers can have any operating system)

  • Backup: Use 2nd HDD to make a mirror copy of the 1st hard drive, backup data to backup device attached to a client computer (i.e. Zip drive) or use the optional web-based Internet backup service

  • Web Caching: Stores frequently visited web sites for improved Internet access

  • Content Filtering: Restricts access to specific Web sites, or to sites that contain certain phrases or words in their domain name. Content filtering can be useful when you wish to regulate access to areas of the Internet by users of your local network.

Optional Customized Service Upgrades

  • Health Monitoring: Toshiba monitors your Magnia SG10 and reports any hardware health-alert conditions before they become a problem

  • Web Hosting/Domain Registration: Toshiba will host and register your site

  • Email Hosting: Set up personalized email accounts using your own domain name

  • Internet Backup Service: Backup data on the Magnia SG10 via secure FTP transfer

Pricing for the Magnia SG10 starts at $1279 ESUP for 20GB of storage.


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