Immediate Call to Action: Google Caves

by Don Marti

Immediate Call to Action -- March 21, 2002 -- Immediate Call to Action

On March 20th, Google caved in to a baseless legal threat from Scientology's "Religious Technology Center" and removed the web site from all search results. (Not just the cached pages, the links, too. Try it.)

The number one site for independent information about the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and, most important of all, the tyrant warlord XENU has vanished from the number one search engine!

Since Google's web site is no longer an accurate reflection of the state of Xenu (and Scientology) knowledge on the Internet, the Mountain View, California Xenu Independent Study Group will be visiting Google's headquarters in person to search for Xenu information--with cameras rolling.

  • Who: The Mountain View, California Xenu Study Group (This means you)

  • What: First meeting: "Finding Facts about Xenu on the Net with Google"

  • Where: Meet at Dana St. Roasting Company, 744 Dana Street, Mountain View. Then, travel to Google HQ.

  • When: 3:45 PM, Thursday, March 21, 2002

  • Why: To make sure that accurate information about Xenu is available through internet search engines.

  • What to bring: 1. Another video camera (we already have one but could use some more shots)                     2. Your pen and paper for taking notes about how to find good Xenu (and Scientology) sites.

Don Marti is Technical Editor of Linux Journal.

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