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Product: MyBooks ProfessionalManufacturer: Appgen Business Software, Inc.International Address: 1300 Veterans Highway          Hauppauge, New York 11788Telephone: 1-800-231-0062E-Mail: info@appgen.comURL:

Appgen Introduces MyBooks Professional Financial Management Software for Small and Mid-Size Businesses Seeking to Plug into Web Commerce

Software will enable professional users to address key issues like growth pains, access to web business, audit trails and the sharing of internal financial information.

Appgen, Inc., premier developer of personal and business financial management software has announced the launch of its MyBooks Professional Management software. MyBooks Professional offers a jargon-free approach to accounting, a strong auditing capability, cross-platform OS capabilities (running on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux), web commerce functionality and the ability to scale up to 100 or more users.

"MyBooks Professional is designed for serious users within small to mid-size businesses that want a serious and buzzword free accounting system that will grow with their business, enhance productivity and save money" said CEO Mark Andre, Jr. "MyBooks Professional is unlike other off-the-shelf accounting programs because it is primed and ready for the day that your business needs to expand, share key information, conduct a serious audit or even do business on the Web with Wal-Mart or IBM."

MyBooks Professional is ready to be purchased, tested and downloaded via the web at

MyBooks Professional Features

Collaborative Commerce Ready Functionality. MyBooks Professional not only simplifies the accounting function for small to mid-size business users but also gives them the option to simultaneously conduct higher level web commerce by using modules that plug into the enterprise applications of larger companies like Wal-Mart. It also enables users within the business to share key business information more freely as it grows. Additional Appgen application modules (and even third-party software packages) may be combined with MyBooks Professional via the Add-on Modules menu.

A modifiable system for varied industries. MyBooks Professional can be modified as needed and built to the specifications of most industry verticals with the help of Appgen's Professional Services Group and a worldwide network of value-added developers trained in the Appgen software products.

Interfaces for service-based and inventory-based businesses. The software provides a specific interface for each. The service-based business interface has a generic billing function while the inventory-based interface includes a complete sales order processing subsystem.

Audit Trail Capabilities and GAAP Standards. MyBooks Professional makes the auditing effort easy for staff, auditors and CPAs by providing a simple-to-follow audit trail. Even the smallest companies benefits from the discipline of following GAAP (Generally Accepting Accounting Principles) standards from day one, which are built into MyBooks Professional.

Freedom of OS Choice and Portability. Right out of the box, MyBooks Professional runs on the most popular systems of today-Apple's Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. You may start out on a single Windows-based PC and grow into a network of any number or combination of Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS X systems.

Scalability. MyBooks Professional will suit the needs of a one-person business right out of the box and provide the ability to have up to 10 simultaneous users. MyBooks Professional can even support companies that have more than one hundred users-both in single locations and in multiple branches, worldwide.

The MyBooks Professional Value-Pack. Offers the vital functions of the following applications: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Payroll, Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Control and Purchase Order Processing. These functions (rather than modules) are presented in a simple menu that results in a single application interface for more efficient use by a smaller number of users (1-10).

Mix and Matching of the OS of choice for Stand-alone computer and Networking use. MyBooks Professional runs on each of the most popular operating systems. It may be used on a stand-alone computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux), in a peer-to-peer Microsoft network, or in a client/server topology within a heterogeneous computing environment that combines any of the aforementioned operating systems as clients to Linux and Mac OS X servers.

Easy importation and conversion of outside data. New users can quickly bring their QuickBooks data into MyBooks Professional at the touch of a key. MyBooks Professional also comes with ODBC, so that anyone can bring data in and out of popular software products like Excel® and Crystal Report Writer®.

Comprehensive Drill down functions. MyBooks Professional's Information Central enables users to quickly and intuitively drill down and obtain detailed information at the moment it's needed. This powerful use of information empowers even the smallest business to become more successful.

About the Appgen Collaborative Commerce Platform

The Appgen Collaborative Commerce Platform embraces open standards such as Java, ODBC, JDBC, and soon to be announced the Appgen XML Server and other integration technology to let web enabled users of Appgen's financial management software to seamlessly plug into key business modules of virtually any disparate applications like the Enterprise Resource Planning or Supply Chain Management of major companies.

About the Appgen Software Companies

Founded in 1989, the Appgen Software Companies ( provide a broad spectrum of products ranging from personal financial software to enterprise-ready accounting and financial applications. Appgen's software solutions enable individuals and businesses to manage their commerce and every day personal finances with ease. Its products also enable small to mid-size business users to enjoy Fortune-sized business and accounting management power and productivity.

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