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Product: Neo Series Automated Tape LibrariesManufacturer: Overland Data, Inc.Reseller: HorizonTek

Get Nonstop Operation and up to 48 TB of Backup Capacity in an Automated Tape Library

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Keep your data safe with Neo series tape backup libraries from Overland Data. Neo has been certified by many leading backup software companies that support Linux, including 2AI, Atempo, Bakbone, Computer Associates, everStor, Knox Software, Legato, Syncsort, Tolis Group, Veritas, and Workstation Solutions.

Neo gives you everything you should expect from an enterprise-class backup and recovery solution:

  • Nonstop Operation

  • Expansion on Demand

  • Investment Protection

  • Remote System Management

  • 1 and 2 Gb/s serverless backup in a SAN environment

Nonstop Operation

Neo is the only tape library that can be configured so that no single failure can disable the entire library. You get redundant robotics, drives, controller cards, and interfaces. For extra protection, each module even has an independent power source. In addition, Neo's LiveSwap technology allows you or your service technician to remove and replace tape drives without interrupting SCSI bus operations.

Remote Fail-over

With Neo's unique fail-over design, the library continues to operate in the unlikely event that a library module fails. You can complete the simple fail-over process through the front panel or remotely through the Internet using a standard browser. No re-cabling is necessary. No reconfiguration of host settings is required. You just point, click, and complete.

Enterprise-Class Capacity

Imagine up to 48 TB of capacity in a single 19" rack, supporting up to 16 SuperDLT, LTO Ultrium, or DLT drives and up to 240 slots. You don't get greater storage density than that! With Neo, you can start out with the capacity that meets your requirements then expand your library in increments of 2 TB to 12 TB. Taking up just 3.7 square feet of floor space, your Neo library gives you the greatest storage capacity per square foot of any tape library available today.

Shrink Your Backup Window

Fully equipped with 16 drives, Neo gives you up to 1.84 TB/hr backup bandwidth in compressed mode (2:1). In addition, cartridge inventory takes just seconds, thanks to multiple bar code readers operating in parallel and concurrent inter-module robotic movements.

Flexible Connectivity

With interface technologies changing at a rapid pace, you don't want to be locked into one technology. Neo gives you the flexibility you need. You can customize your connectivity interface using any combination of cPCI cards. Two types of cPCI cards are currently available: one for the HVD SCSI interface and another for 1 and 2 Gbit/sec auto-sensing Fibre Channel interfaces (Loop or Fabric). Neo's unique Virtual Interface Architecture allows you to use multiple interfaces simultaneously and adopt new technologies in the future.

Easy to Use and Service

Advanced as Neo is, it remains incredibly easy to use. All operator controls are accessible through a touch-screen, graphical user interface. Drives, power supplies, controllers, and interface cards are all removable without having to use special tools. Our patented Mailslot design lets you add and remove cartridges easily without disrupting the system.

Manage Backup from Anywhere

With Neo's embedded WebTLC management tool, you can monitor your Neo library and manage its functions from any browser. You can check the system, move tapes, load and unload drives, upload firmware upgrades, make configuration changes, perform diagnostics, and invoke fail-over-all from any location. With Neo, you not only get up to 48 terabytes of backup capacity, you get a life.

Expansion on Demand

Caught between present budget and future storage requirements? No problem. Neo's expansion on demand allows you to purchase based on your current needs and increase your capacity as those needs change. With Neo, you have the flexibility to manage your costs. It's no longer necessary to buy the big box now, so you can fill it up later. Neo lets you buy what you need, when you need it. Best of all, Neo's advanced virtualization capabilities enable a Neo of any capacity to operate as a single library.

Investment Protection

If you're like the average IT shop, you will reconfigure your data storage at least once every twelve months. With Neo's expansion on demand, you build on your initial investment instead of losing it. You can scale up or scale down, depending on your needs. Compatibility to Keep You Connected Supports all major operating systems including HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Mac OS, Novell NetWare, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris, Tru64 UNIX, Windows NT/2000 and more. Seamless compatibility with all leading tape application software.

Service You Can Count On

First year Neo warranty includes on-site service.* After the first year, Overland's exclusive XchangeNOW® warranty provided. Standard three-year parts and labor warranty.

* In most areas of North America.

Protecting Your Storage Investment

Over 20 years of experience in data protection and tape storage solutions. Engineering excellence with award-winning library robotics design. Overland meets the needs of IT professionals in industries worldwide.

All capacities and assume a 2:1 data compression ratio. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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