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Product: Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.0 for LinuxManufacturer: Computer Associates InternationalAddress: One Computer Associates Plaza          Islandia, New York 11749Telephone: 1-800-225-5224E-mail: info@ca.comURL:

Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.0 for Linux

More than ever, it is important to manage Linux infrastructures effectively and efficiently to experience a return on investment (ROI). Since most enterprises use numerous systems and applications, they must manage every component in an integrated manner in order to ensure system availability and health

Since the early days of Linux, CA has provided Linux support with its award-winning Unicenterâ solutions. Now, the new release of Unicenterâ Network and Systems Management 3.0 for Linux takes this support one step further, helping make Linux a best managed integrated platform as well as a strategic platform for enterprise management. Available on Red Hat, SuSE, Caldera OpenLinux, Turbo Linux distribution and Linux on S/390 and zSeries, Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.0 for Linux manages the health and availability of operating systems, and provides fault management of all infrastructure elements such as network devices, business applications and database systems. Leveraging powerful and innovative technology, this solution gives a holistic view of the IT infrastructure and its impact on business processes in the heterogeneous environment.

Unique features include:

  • A new adaptive, modular architecture that makes it easy to deploy management solutions when, where and how you need them, helping to boost enterprise IT efficiency.

  • Powerful auto-discovery builds a database with information on system elements, and populates 2-D and 3-D system dynamic visualization.

  • A historian records past events and object status while predictive management capabilities inform you of possible systems and application bottlenecks, taking automated actions to avoid them.

  • An intuitive Portal provides personalized information for each individual administrator, whether they are technical or business-focused.

  • Cluster management simplifies complex heterogeneous cluster environments by automatically discovering and monitoring enterprise-wide clusters and their relationships.

  • Event correlation condenses received events into a single event, directly indicating any problems in the managed system.

  • Root-cause analysis accelerates problem isolation and resolution, optimizing availability and efficiency.

  • An underlying set of Common Services enables quick and easy integration with other CA or third-party applications.

  • An intuitive GUI, a breakthrough in the enterprise management industry, provides unprecedented ease of administration and use.

  • Heterogenous support for platforms including Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS, Netware, NSK, zOS, OS/390, OS/400 and OS/2 in addition to all major Linux distributions.

In addition, since accessing data is one of the most error-prone and time-consuming tasks of end-to-end application performance, monitoring of databases such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 UDB and others is a critical component of Unicenter Network and Systems Management 3.0. for Linux.


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