Sun Announces Upgrade Program to Cobalt Servers

by Sun Microsystems--Press Release

Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced an aggressive upgrade program to enable current Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 customers to easily trade up to Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliances or Sun Cobalt Qube appliances. The Sun program, which follows Microsoft's recently announced end-of-life plans for Windows NT Server 4.0, enables users of the Microsoft operating system to migrate to select Sun Cobalt server appliances at reduced rates, thereby ensuring uninterrupted operation of their IT infrastructures while increasing the reliability and security of their computing environments.

"Sun Cobalt's plan to offer a migration path for Microsoft NT Server 4.0 customers will allow them to update their older servers with the latest generation of Sun Cobalt's Internet server technology and management tools", said Jean S. Bozman, research director with IDC's worldwide server group. "The Sun Cobalt appliance servers will provide high levels of security and performance for Web-centric workloads. Importantly, hundreds of Sun Cobalt units can be managed from a single Control Station management console, giving system administrators a lot of leverage to manage multiple Web-serving systems easily and effectively."

Server appliances, which are preconfigured and ready to plug-in directly from the box, allow even the most inexperienced, non-technical users to quickly and easily establish a secure network connection that includes applications such as e-mail hosting, file-sharing and web serving. The Sun Cobalt Qube 3 server appliance extends secure internet and intranet services to consumers and power users. These services enable home offices and small businesses to host their own web sites, set up their own e-mail systems, network home or office PCs and protect their computing environments from internet threats. The Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliance, designed for web hosting, offers robust capabilities rivaling general purpose servers, while remaining easy to use, quick to deploy and highly reliable.

Added Security with Sun Cobalt Server Appliances

To ease the transition from Windows NT Server 4.0, Sun Cobalt server appliances provide a unique integration of secure, Linux-based application and system functions in a unified, easy-to-use, browser-based interface that shields the administrator from technical complexities and minimizes the need for trained staff. This software layer also enables installation in minutes, thereby minimizing downtime and increasing productivity. Because all system components are tightly integrated, Sun Cobalt server appliances are highly reliable, with uptime measured in months and years rather than days or weeks. Support for RAID 1 software increases data and site availability, thereby reinforcing the reliability of Sun Cobalt server appliances.

Sun Cobalt server appliances also include 128-bit SSL for secure remote administration and provide secure authentication through a global leader in the digital certificate marketplace. In addition, built-in web access control in Sun Cobalt server appliances not only safeguards users from objectionable Internet material but also reduces disruptions to on-line productivity. Customers also can leverage the firewall technology included with the Sun Cobalt Qube appliance to prevent unauthorized access to company systems and data.

Continued Ease-of-Use and Affordability

Unlike traditional general-purpose servers that require administrators to purchase and add individual, and often expensive, applications one at a time, Sun Cobalt server appliances come preloaded and preconfigured with a comprehensive assortment of Internet service software, including e-mail, FTP, web publishing, file-sharing and more. With Sun Cobalt server appliances, customers receive more than just the operating system. In contrast to most general-purpose servers, Sun Cobalt server appliances include both the software and the hardware.

Additionally, Sun Cobalt server appliances allow customers to continue using their existing tools, such as Windows clients and Web Development Tools. This functionality virtually eliminates the customer's learning curve during the transition from a general purpose server to a Sun Cobalt server appliance. Sun Cobalt server appliances also reduce cost of ownership through the inclusion of built-in software tools and monitoring agents that minimize the need for ongoing system management and support efforts. The elimination of licensing fees for LAN users further decreases the cost of using Sun Cobalt server appliances.

Pricing and Availability

Sun Cobalt world-wide retailers, effective immediately, will be taking part in the NT Upgrade Campaign, which ends June 30, 2002. Through the upgrade program, qualified customers will be offered select Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliances and Sun Cobalt Qube appliances at discounts up to 20 percent. Additional program details are available at or during a Webinar offered by Sun Microsystems, Inc. on February 27, 2002 at 12 p.m. EST. Registration details are available at Sun Cobalt Qube 3 server appliances will start at $1,349, and Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliances will start at $1,399, providing a complete turnkey server solution-including the operating system-for less than $1,400.

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