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Product: Komodo Integrated Development EnvironmentManufacturer: ActiveState CorporationAddress: 580 Granville Street               Vancouver, BC, CanadaTel: 1-866-866-2802E-Mail: sales@ActiveState.comURL:

Komodo Integrated Development Environment

Komodo is a high-productivity integrated development environment (IDE) optimized for open source scripting languages like Perl, Python, PHP and Tcl. Komodo also features full support for developing and running XSLT transformations.

Editing Features
  • Syntax checking and coloring Spot syntax errors quickly with Komodo's syntax checker, which underlines suspected errors and provides language-sensitive error interpretation. Configure custom colors for individual language elements.

  • AutoCompletion and CallTips Pop-up method lists and parameter references help you program quickly and accurately.

  • Web service support Keep a library of Web service bookmarks; quickly add Web services to Perl, Python or PHP files (including automatic language support like CallTips and AutoCompletion for Web service objects); browse your Web service bookmark library in the Komodo User Guide.

  • Editing support Select, comment, or indent blocks with quick keyboard shortcuts; collapse and expand blocks of code; use templates and macros for faster coding.

Debugging Features
  • Debugging support Komodo's graphical debugger provides easy manipulation of breakpoints and fast analysis of watched variables and the call stack.

  • Remote debugging Debug programs on remote machines, or in other processes on the same machine.

  • CGI emulation Configure server variables and form input in the local process in order to test CGI programs before making them live.

The Rx Toolkit
  • Rx debugging A unique visual interface for creating and debugging Perl regular expressions.

Built on Mozilla

Komodo was developed using the Mozilla codebase as an application framework. It uses much of the same technology, such as the set of GUI facilities provided by Mozilla, the Cross-platform Component Object Model (XPCOM), and the Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) library. Komodo is also exceptional in that it relies on Python as a key language for implementing many XPCOM components, thanks to the PyXPCOM package, which ActiveState developed and released to the Mozilla project under the Mozilla Public License.

Try It Out!

Free evaluation licenses are available for Komodo. Download Komodo for Linux from the ActiveState web site.

Other ActiveState Products for Linux
  • ActivePerl, ActivePython and ActiveTcl: free, industry-standard language distributions for Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

  • PerlMx: a powerful sendmail filtering solution developed in Perl.

  • TclPro: ActiveState's quality-assured release of the TclPro toolkit for rapid development and delivery of Tcl applications.

  • Perl Dev Kit: featuring PerlApp, a component for creating Perl applications on Linux.


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