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Product: SeaPORT+4Manufacturer: Sealevel Systems, Inc.Address: 155 Technology Place               Liberty, South Carolina 29657Telephone: 864-843-4343URL:

Sealevel's New SeaPORT+4 USB serial I/O Adapter provides four field selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports for USB connectivity to legacy or non-USB compliant devices. In RS-422/485 mode, SeaPORT adapters support standard PC data rates up to 921K bps. In RS-232 mode, we recommend SeaPORT adapters at up to 460K bps. Simply install the included software and connect the SeaPORT adapter to your USB port. The device is immediately recognized by the system. At that point, simply connect the adapter to your target device (i.e. modem, serial printer, scale, bar code/mag stripe reader, etc.). Now your non-USB peripherals can have the same connection simplicity and ease of use as USB aware peripherals. We include our Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Linux drivers to simplify installation.

Unique Features:

  • Field selectable RS-232/422/485 interface

  • Automatically handles RS-485 enable/disable

  • "Hot swapping" / Auto configuration

  • High speed UART standard with 128 byte TX FIFO and 384 byte RX FIFO supporting standard PC data rates up to 921.6K bps

  • Terminates in DB-9P (Male) connectors

  • 6ft. high quality USB cable provided

  • Wide variety of cabling options


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