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Product: TranSpooler 3.0Manufacturer: NobixAddress: 6800 Koll Center Parkway, Suite 110               Pleasanton, California 94566Telephone: 800-538-3818E-Mail: sales@nobix.comURL:

Nobix understands that continuous improvements in enterprise IT productivity is the key concern of most IT center managers. With TranSpooler 3.0 -- automatic cross-platform print distribution software for UNIX, Linux, AIX, MPE/iX, NT, and Windows 2000, output from existing applications can be automatically delivered to printers, other devices, document management systems or digital document facilities such as email, web and fax servers.

TranSpooler 3.0 provides a central control point for managing the output of a variety of servers and supports advanced messaging for 24x7 network monitoring. It optimizes the process of getting information to the right person, to the right place, at the right time, and increases productivity while preserving your vital resources - TIME, MONEY, and PEOPLE.

TranSpooler 3.0 is a key component of Nobix' Integrated Output Management architecture. It enables the broadcasting of reports simultaneously to multiple remote locations from a single host, getting information where and when it is needed, saving time, and creating a competitive advantage.

Additionally, TranSpooler/AT (Administrative Tool) running on a Windows desktop provides administrative tools for configuration and maintenance of all aspects of the sending and receiving process on any platform, in any location, from a single-point-of access.

By using the TranSpooler Configuration Manager (TCM) and LogViewer, you can logon to any participating host on the network to configure, maintain, and troubleshoot the spoolfile transfer processes or view the real-time and historical log files. With TCM and LogViewer, it is as easy as point and click to manage your print distribution environment.

TranSpooler is also employable in a "print-hub" strategy. Just set up a virtual printer with TranSpooler and have any number of TranSpooler/WS enabled workstations print to it. The virtual TranSpooler "printer" can be configured to automatically transfer output to the desired destination based on predetermined criteria and rules. This allows for substantial savings of system administrator resources to assign, manage, and control print distribution from a single centralized location anywhere on the network, rather than run around from station to station manually modifying individual systems.

Last, but not least, you can flexibly respond to the rapidly changing network conditions on any size intranet or internet in a timely and proactive manner. Not only does TranSpooler 3.0A offer you greater control and efficiency gains within your IT operation, but your users and clients will experience greater dependability, more trustworthy service, and fewer problematic events.


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