Product of the Day: Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite

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Product: Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer SuiteManufacturer: Red HatAddress: P.O. Box 13588               RTP, North Carolina 27709Telephone: 1-888-REDHAT1E-mail: customerservice@redhat.comURL:

Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite

The Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite is a collection of Tools and Runtime Technologies which enables the creation deployment and testing of target software components for devices.

The Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite leverages the industry standard technologies, support and stability of Red Hat Linux, GNUPro cross-development tools, and Red Hat Network to redefine the standard platform for embedded Linux.

Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite allows you to:

  • Accelerate development cycles and improve product quality by building upon our base software platform for development and deployment of embedded Linux devices

  • Update tools, runtime components, board support packages, and reference configurations directly to developers via Red Hat Network

  • Fine-grain configuration of operating system components by taking advantage of RPM technology

  • Simplify per-package and per-program selection with dependency analysis, comparison to baseline configurations, and automatic library dependency resolution with the new Red Hat Configuration Tool

  • Stay flexible. The Developer Suite will be available for all major architectures: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH, and x86 processor architectures.


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