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Product: RAV AntiVirusManufacturer: GeCAD SoftwareUS Distributor: RAE InternetAddress: 39 Carthage Road          Scarsdale, NY 10583Tel: 877-302-2027E-mail: info@raeinternet.comURL:

RAV AntiVirus for Linux Mail & File Servers v8.3.1

Industry-Leading Performance Meets Unmatched Cost.

RAV AntiVirus provides complete virus protection and content filtering for mail servers, workstations, and servers on a vast variety of platforms and OS's. RAV AntiVirus combines industry leading scanning performance with superior virus detection technology and a complete and up-to-the-minute virus database--currently 64,000 virus definitions. RAV is available for an incredibly wide range of operating systems and mail servers. RAV is the most affordable antivirus solution available today and is perfect for ISP's, Education and Enterprises of all sizes.

RAE Internet is the leading provider of hosting and development services in the New York Metropolitan area. RAE Internet provides all US based support, distribution, and enhanced services for RAV AntiVirus US customers.

Total Platform Independent Technology: A common engine is used for detection and cleaning on every operating system. For example, scan your Samba mounted windows drives on your Linux fileserver or detect Windows email worms from your Qmail, Sendmail, Postfix, or CommunigatePro Linux mailserver.

Ultra Fast and Efficient Performance: Even with over 64,000 definitions, our industry leading scan speeds allow you to work efficiently without compromising system resources. Extremely small virus definition updates (less than 10Kb) allow daily update processes automatically. Perform a scanning process independent of the mail server! Now you can specify the limit of messages to be scanned simultaneously, this way helping the server to perform all its tasks and better manage the mail traffic.

Content Filtering: RAV not only removes viruses contained in e-mail, but it can also filter incoming or outgoing mails. POSIX is used for regular expressions in order to find a pattern in e-mail components: subject, message body, and attached file names.

Simple Installation, US-Based Support: RAV's scripted installation completes the process in less than 20 minutes. No modules are required. RAE Internet's US based support provides prompt response to all installation and product questions.

Compatibility: RAV integrates seamlessly with mail servers. It requires no recompiling of kernels or any advanced system requirements. RAV is compatible with all versions of Linux and supports glibc, gtk, glib, and Xfree86 libraries.

Flexible and Scalable: In the configuration file you can customize the actions to be taken by RAV when detecting a virus - clean, rename, delete, ignore - and benefit of advanced features, like warning the sender, warning the target or warning a third party (for example server administrator) when detecting an external threat. Messages generated by RAV can be edited to fit your language and the security policy of your company.

Admin Features: Establish groups defined by the mail addresses and/or domains of the e-mail recipients/senders. The group will be scanned by RAV as an independent domain, different actions can be made available for each group, irrespective of the rest of the mailboxes in a company.

Open License Means No Limit!Thoroughness, simplicity, and ease of use--did we forget least expensive in the industry?

Large corporations with demanding security policies and small companies with limited budgets can both protect their Internet traffic at a proper cost. No matter the size of your company, the RAV team knows that data security protection is important for a company to operate uninterrupted as such, due to an extremely flexible licensing system; you can acquire different packages, depending on your needs of protection. RAV AntiVirus is licensed per domain, not per mailbox. There are packages available from 2 to unlimited domains. The more domains you support, the less you pay per domain.

Regardless of the number of domains you license all packages support an unlimited number of mailboxes per domain and may be installed on an unlimited number of machines!

Download the FULL 30 Day Trial Version of RAV Now!

Improve your ISP, Government, or Educational services RAV AntiVirus is the perfect solution for ISP's, Government, or Education dealing with heavy traffic and tight budgets. Protect against viruses for the domains hosted, allowing you to purchase security on a growing basis through a special acquisition program.

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

  • Linux OS (Red Hat, S.u.S.E., Mandrake, Debian, Slackware, Black Cat, etc.)

  • glibc-2.1.3 libraries

  • gtk+-1.2.8

  • Xfree86-libs-3.3.5

Mail Servers

  • Sendmail for LIBMilter v8.10 or later

  • Qmail v1.03 or later

  • Postfix version 20000531 or later

  • CommuniGate Pro v3.4b1 or later

  • Also available for MS Exchange 5.5 and 2000

Update Services1 year of updates are included with your initial license purchase. Updates include:

  • New Virus Signatures

  • Engine Extensions

  • Product Updates

  • Full US Technical Support

By purchasing the update you will always have the latest version of the product, with the most up to date virus signature database. You can extend the update services by purchasing extensions at only 20% of the product value per annum!

US Support

RAE Internet is the US Distributor for RAV AntiVirus. RAE Internet provides US based, English Language technical support, US based high speed downloads and flexible purchasing options. Only customers who purchase RAV AntiVirus from RAE Internet are eligible for US based support.

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  • Available for Linux


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