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Product: IGEL-FLeXManufacturer: IGEL@USA, Inc.Address: 961 Marcon Blvd., Suite 305                 Allentown, PA 18109Phone: 610-231-8858URL:

IGEL-FLeX is a IGEL-Linux - based FLeXible Smart Client with support for all major Remote Display Technologies. Unlike standard Flash-based Thin Clients, the OS is held by a small form factor hard drive, offering unparalleled FLeXibility to modify and customize the Smart Client system design. This permits adaptation to almost any imaginable Thin Client scenario.

Mini-Base IGEL-FLeX, our answer for the Thin Client power user, is a customizable Smart Client, the EVOLUTION of the traditional dumb Thin Client, that provides VARs, OEMs and System Integrators with a highly FLeXible, unique and adaptable product. End users receive a Thin Client variant that is, in regards to its price-performance ratio, unlike any other Network Client product on the market.

This IGEL-Linux-based Smart Client provides up to three (3) concurrent XDMCP sessions, with multiple RDP, ICA, Tarantella or Internet sessions active at the same time. Local applications (Netscape, Kmail ...) are available and accessible at any time. No available Thin Client can match these evolutionary funtionality and performance features.

IGEL-FLeX provides access to a Tarantella server via the native 'Adaptive Internet Protocol' (AIP). Access to the Internet, Intranet and/or Extranet is granted via KDE's 'Konqueror' WEB Browser. Integrated ICA and RDP clients, and the mandatory Unix connectivity capabilities allow access to Citrix Metaframe, Windows Terminal Server or any UNIX or Linux server. IGEL-FLeX comes with a unique software module, allowing the user to pre-define up to three (3) XDM or WTS servers to automatically connect to during boot time. Two (2) available, selectable desktops help the user to organize the Smart Client's IGEL-Desktop environment. Local and remote printing is a snap and can be handled, unlike traditional Thin Clients, server independent. With these extended capabilities IGEL-FLeX is more than just a display terminal!

OEMs can license our IGEL-Linux Smart Client OS to build their own brand-name Thin Client on their own hardware or even our hardware base, if so desired for cost reasons.

VARs and System Integrators can license a customized total solution for their own name-branded product.

IGEL-FLeX is ideal for stand-alone Thin (Smart) Client projects, where access to the Internet or an Application Server from a remote location is required.

IGEL-FLeX is the most FLeXible and unique Thin (Smart) Client or Network Client solution for sophisticated, end user friendly Office, Retail and Information Applications.

Overview IGEL-FLeX


  • IGEL-Linux OS, Version 3.2

  • 2.4.x Kernel

  • GEL KDE Desktop Environment

  • Native Tarantella (AIP) Client for Tarantella Enterprise Server

  • ICA6 Client for Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame

  • ICA Server Browser

  • Published Application Browser

  • RDP Client for Microsoft Windows NT4 TSE and Win 2000 WTS

  • X11R6 & Window-Manager

  • IGEL KDE Desktop Environment

  • XDMCP to multiple or single servers

  • Multi-Session, Multi-Host Connectivity

  • CUPS Printing System

Optional Software:

  • System is customizable to support an infinite variety of (specialized) Thin Client environments.

  • Optional user defined software can be added for customization purposes.

Tarantella Emulators:


  • VT 420

  • IBM 5250

  • IBM 3270

  • Remote X

  • Citrix ICA

  • RDP

Hardware Features IGEL-FLeX-Pro:

  • High Performance FLEX PC Architecture

  • Processor: C3, Celeron 500+/Pentium III 500+

  • Memory: 64MB or 128 MB

  • 10GB or 10GB+ HDD

  • Video: Embedded VGA with 32 MB shared video memory

  • Max. Video Resolution: 1280x1024x8bpp or 1600x1200x8bpp

  • Network Interface: 10/100 Mbit/s

  • 1 COM Port

  • One LPT Port

  • 2 x USB

  • 2 x Fire-wire

  • Build-in Sound

  • 1 PCI slot

  • Internal power supply 110/220V, 50/60 Hz

  • Heigth/Width/Depth: 160mm/190mm/270mm (6.5"/7.5"/10.5")


  • Modem (Rockwell)

  • Wireless LAN 802.11 (Lucent ORiNOCO)


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