First Auction Closes: Windows NT Workstation 4.0 Sells for $32

by Rebecca Cassity

The site, sponsored by the open source community's leading publication, Linux Journal, opened in December 2001. Richard Vernon, Linux Journal editor in chief, commented, "...We here at Linux Journal have been thinking about all those folks out there aching to sell that unused software that came with some piece of hardware they purchased and are faced with the difficult task of unloading something they bought and can't use. ...Due to the lack of a proper forum that lets sellers of such software find buyers, we decided to provide OS Resale--an auction site intended as a medium for those looking to rid themselves of unusable software that came with their computers or other hardware."

The recent decision by a California District Court that software bundled and purchased with hardware can be resold was covered in-depth by Linux Journal Technical Editor Don Marti in Softman vs. Adobe. Stay tuned to for updates on this ruling. is open to the public and can be easily accessed via the Internet at Users must complete a simple registration process to sell or bid on an item. There is no fee for using, nor does the site receive a commission.

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