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Product Information

Product: LSI Logic Host Bus AdaptersManufacturer: LSI Logic CorporationAddress: 1551 McCarthy Blvd.     Milpitas, California 95035Phone: 866-574-5741URL:

LSI Logic host bus adapters (HBAs) won't be the bottleneck in your Storage Area Network (SAN) solution! With LSI Logic's proprietary Fusion-MPT (Message Passing Technology) architecture built into our Fibre Channel controllers, our HBAs give you better overall system performance, scalability, and data reliability all at an affordable price to ensure reliability at the core of your SAN.

Key LSI44929 Applications:

  • 1U/2U servers

  • Workstations

  • SANs

  • Remote storage

  • Cluster environments

  • JBOD connect

LSI44929 Product Features:

  • Two independent, 2Gbit channels (up to 400MB/s, full duplex)

  • Low profile PCI Form factor

  • Auto-negotiation for legacy connect (1or 2 Gbit)

  • 64-bit, 66 MHz host PCI bus (backwards compatible with 32-bit and 33 MHz buses)

  • Multi-mode optics and copper options

  • Concurrent SCSI and IP protocol

  • FC-Tape support

  • Software supports switch and loop (private and public) topologies

  • CIM based server management

  • Supports all major operating systems

  • Fusion-MPT architecture

  • SANmarkTM approved

  • 5 year limited warranty

Fusion-MPT architecture

LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT architecture has integrated internal processors that offload the server CPU for automatic linear scalability, giving you better overall system performance and more reliable data transfers at a faster rates. The Fusion-MPT architecture also has thinner host drivers that support better system performance with more versatile host adapter performance (up to 100,000 I/O per second). By adding value at the firmware level, the host adapters have less software complications, and more enhanced features.

Advanced Features

LSI Logic's industry-first, fully integrated controller chip, the LSIFC929, features two full-duplex Fibre Channel ports, a 64-bit, 66-MHz PCI host bus, and supports up to 400-Mbytes/sec per channel in full duplex mode. It's feature rich design gives you full data protection by using LSI Logic's GigaBlaze core technology, the industry standard for integrated Fibre Channel signaling technology--ensuring reliability and interoperability across all products within the SAN.

Interoperability Assurance

To ensure quality and high performance within your chosen storage application, LSI Logic has conducted extensive internal interoperability testing within our world-class laboratories. For a complete list visit our web site. All the LSI44929 HBAs are also SANmark approved for added reliability.

Enhanced Software Suite

LSI Logic's Fusion-MPT Fibre Channel host bus adapter software supports switch and loop (private and public) topologies and is designed for use with Linux operating systems and is Red Hat and SuSE certified. The software also supports Linux failover driver and includes CIM SAN management support providing the utilities needed to upgrade firmware and BIOS for enhanced interoperability.

LSI44929 Fibre Channel Product Family

  • LSI44929O - Standard height bracket, LC, SFF, multi-mode optics

  • LSI44929LO - Low profile bracket, LC, SFF, multi-mode optics

  • LSI44929H - Standard height bracket, HSSDC, copper

  • LSI44929LH - Low profile bracket, HSSDC, copper

LSI Logic offers a complete family of Fibre Channel host bus adapter products for mission critical enterprise applications for all topologies and multiple service classes. Visit for more information. LSI Logic HBAs are also available through distribution channel partners such as Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Bell Microproducts, and Insight Electronics.


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