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Product Information

Product: SnapGear LITEManufacturer: SnapGear, Inc.Address: Mariners Center Suite 200, 150 Fashion Island Boulevard, San Mateo, California 94404Tel:+1-650-572-2333Fax: +1-650-572-2387E-Mail: contact@snapgear.comURL:

Why SnapGear LITE?

The SnapGear LITE offers incredible advantages-­no wonder it's part of the world class SnapGear VPN Router Family.

  • Upgradable Your SnapGear can keep up to date with changes because as new features become available you'll be able to take advantage of them.

  • Internet Sharing Plug as many computers as you like into your LAN and all can use the LITE as their access to the Internet.

  • Broadband Access LITE is ready to work with your cable or ADSL modem, but the serial port allows you to fallback to conventional dial- in modem access.

  • Unlimited Users Don't be fooled into buying a product that runs out of steam just when you're network is growing. All SnapGear products have no inbuilt limitations.

  • VPN Most VPN Routers offer the standard IPSec VPN technology, and SnapGear is no exception with full standards compliance. But did you know that only SnapGear products also fully support PPTP-­the standard VPN technology available in Microsoft Windows! You don't need to spend extra money on 3rd-party software for all of your computers-­just use the standard Windows VPN client.

  • Easy Setup SnapGear takes the mystery out of the Internet with simple setup options. You don't need to waste time learning a complex interface and you don't have to be an expert to ensure that you haven't left your system vulnerable.

  • Performance SnapGear products are based on tried and tested technologies combined with the very latest hardware technology-­in independent tests SnapGear has been found to lead the pack.

  • Firewall Protection from the perils of the Internet is essential these days, which is why a SnapGear should be your first line of defense with Fortune 500 technology you won't be an easy target!

Technical Specifications

Product Specifications

Throughput Link speedUsers No inbuilt limitationsVPN-IPSec ESP, MD5, SHA1, DES, 3DES, IKE, and pass-through. 10 tunnelsVPN-PPTP 128-bit Client and Server. 4 tunnelsServices

  • DHCP - client and server

  • PPPoE

  • NAT ­ static and dynamic

  • PAP/CHAP/MS CHAP V2 authentication

  • Connection sharing

  • Port forwarding

  • Dial on demand

Support 30 day installationWarranty 1 Year (optional Extended Four Year Warranty)Upgrades Software upgrades in warranty, bug fixes outside of warrantyManagement

  • Browsers:

    • Internet Explorer

    • Netscape Navigator

  • Operating Systems:

    • Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000

    • Apple Macintosh

    • Linux

    • UNIX

Physical Specifications

Serial Ports 1 x RS-232WAN Ports 1 x 10BaseTLAN Ports 1 x 10/100BaseTDimensions 7x4.6x1.7" (17.8x11.8x4.3cm)Weight 12 oz. (300g)LEDs WAN/LAN Link and Activity, COM Activity, Heartbeat, Internet connectedPower 6V 1ACertification Home

Package Includes
  • SnapGear LITE

  • Quick Install Guide

  • UTP Cable

  • UTP "cross-over" Cable

  • CD containing:

    • User Guide

    • Warranty Information

    • Compliance Statement

    • License Information


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