Linux Journal Press Releases "The Book of Zope"

by Rebecca Cassity

Written by the experts at Beehive, "The Book of Zope" is a comprehensive introduction to this powerful product, providing developers and content managers with in-depth coverage of everything from DTML, ZClasses, ZCatalog, and debugging to programming Zope with Python. Readers learn how to:

  • Install Zope on their system or server

  • Use the management screen to develop their site and manage its content

  • Master creating dynamic content with DTML

  • Manage users, roles and permissions both through the Web and programmatically to secure a site and provide personalized content

  • Create custom content with ZClasses

  • Integrate and publish data from relational databases

  • Use ZCatalog to index and search site content

  • Script and extend Web applications using the Python programming language

  • Extend Zope through Python products

Zope runs on Windows and almost all Unix-based platforms, and includes its own Web server, transactional object-oriented database, search engine, Web page templating system, Web development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support. Available from bookstores or from the Linux Journal Store on-line (, "The Book of Zope" is an essential reference for building and managing dynamic Web applications with Zope.

About Linux Journal PressLinux Journal Press publishes books on cutting-edge Open Source topics that help to advance the acceptance and usability of Open Source software. An imprint of No Starch Press (, Linux Journal Press titles are developed in partnership with Linux Journal(

About BeehiveBerlin, Germany, and Washington D.C.-based Beehive ( develops and supports many Zope-based applications for leading European and North American companies, startups, and governmental organizations.

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