US Army Marches to Red Hat

by LJ Editor

Under the terms of this agreement, Red Hat's uClinux will be used as the operating system for Rymic's first series of rymicNET Internet devices, designed for vehicle diagnostics and predictive failure analysis, initially to be tested in United States Army ground vehicles. uClinux is designed to run in less than 512k of memory while maintaining the stability, networking and file system support advantages of standard Linux distributions.

"We've tried more traditional PC operating systems in the past for similar embedded appliances, but they were prone to instability, high power requirements and heat dissipation problems," said Steve May, Rymic president. "Red Hat's uClinux provides us with an inherently stable solution that monitors vehicles' performances in real time; because uClinux is open-source software, costly per- unit license fees are eliminated."

Rymic's rymicNET device is a complete monitoring solution designed to provide extensive performance data and predictive failure analysis, initially for United States Army ground vehicles. This first-of-series device utilizes NetSilicon's Net+Arm low power Internet processor, designed for use in embedded networking environments. A complete family of rymicNET diagnostic and Real-World to Internet interface products will soon be available for construction equipment, railway cars, truck fleets and complex industrial machinery. For more information on Rymic Systems, Inc., visit

The Internet device will be tried initially at Fort Riley, Kansas, and according to Pat Stevens, the deputy product manager of the U.S. Army Diagnostic Involvement Program, "The Rymic Internet device could be installed on 3,000 to 50,000 Army trucks, service and fighting vehicles."

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