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by Heather Mead
TS2000 Terminal Server

The first terminal and console access server to use Linux as the embedded OS.

Designed for increasing demands for processing capacity, the TS2000 is compatible with Linux, FreeBSD, Sun, HP and IBM systems.

The TS2000 is a terminal and console access server that can be used by ISPs, ASPs and e-retailers to remotely and securely manage serial console ports in server farms. As a terminal server, the TS2000 connects local or remote clients to the Ethernet LAN, allowing both ISPs and corporate remote-access applications to use serial lines and analog modems. As a console access server it connects to the console ports of servers and networking equipment and allows the system administrator to remotely and securely monitor and manage servers.

Features include RADIUS socket authentication, direct Telnet to serial ports, secure shell connections (SSH), IP packet filtering and RFC2217 support. The TS2000 supports up to 32 RS-232 serial ports in 1U of rack space.

Applications include console port management, dialup remote access, industrial/commercial automation and Ethernet-attached serial board replacement.

Manufacturer: Cyclades Corporation

Model: TS2000

Suggested Retail Price: $2,741 US



Newest member of the DIL/NetPC family.

A 10base-T Ethernet interface with embedded RAM for RX/TX packet buffering and full-duplex support is also included in the ADNP/1486.

SSV Embedded Systems introduced the ADNP/1486, a small PC/AT-based embeddable single-board computer module that plugs into a standard 128-pin Quad-in-Line (QIL) socket. The miniature PC comes with embedded Linux pre-installed in Flash memory and includes a full TCP/IP stack, a Telnet server for remote login, an FTP server and an embedded web server with CGI.

Based on a 3-bit, low-power AMD 486SX processor with 100MHz, the ADNP/1486 provides a complete embedded-PC/AT architecture, plus 16MB of DRAM and 4MB of Flash. Peripheral functions include a COM1 serial port, 20 digital I/O lines and a 16-bit ISA expansion bus interface with programmable chip selects for connecting external logic and devices via the 128-pin QIL socket interface.

Manufacturer: SSV Embedded Systems

Model: ADNP/1486

Suggested Retail Price: $225 US in quantities of 1,000



Board functions in industrial temperature range of -40° to 85° C.

Built to the IEEE 961 STD Bus form factor, the LPM-TX can operate as a standalone SBC, or a customer can add specific bus cards or I/O modules for custom applications.

WinSystems has made available the LPM-TX STD Bus single-board computer, an industrial-grade product based on the Intel Tillamook Pentium processor. The SBC is based on x86 processors and supports PC-compatible software, has long-term availability and offers extended termperature operation. It provides a migration path for STD Bus systems while maintaining hardware, I/O and software compatibility over a full industrial temperature range. Designed for systems that need a small format board that is PC-compatible, it is targeted at embedded and industrial application.

The LPM-TX operates at a system clock of 166MHz and includes 16KB of code and 16KB of data cache, plus a floating-point processor for math-intensive applications. It comes with either 32MB or 64MB of surface mounted synchronous DRAM, and the SDRAM is soldered directly to the printed circuit board to protect against shock and vibration. An onboard 32-pin socket supports up to a 288MB M-Systems Disk-On-Chip Flash memory device for use as a solid-state disk. The Intel 430TX PCI chip set contains core logic to provide PC-compatibility for the I/O and bus interface, including the keyboard controller, 16-channel interrupt controller and real-time clock.

Onboard peripherals include seven DMA controllers, three 16-bit counter/timers, two interrupt controllers, keyboard controller, speaker port and battery-backed, real-time clock. Two independent serial channels, each with RS-232 and optional RS-422/485 levels, USB port, LPT interface and a mouse port are also included, all on a single 4.5" × 7.0" STD Bus board.

Manufacturer: WinSystems, Inc.


Suggested Retail Price: $995 US with 32MB SDRAM


Multi-Protocol Exchange (MPX)

Building wide facility and service management in a single embedded system.

An all-in-one building network allows remote control of generators, lighting, air conditioning and other building components, even by PDA.

MPX, the Multi-Protocol Exchange, is an embedded system that acts as the facility systems agent within a building, allowing managers and service providers to create an intelligent and manageable network out of different building systems and devices, such as HVAC, lighting, access control, meters and generators. To operate this facility management network, MPX includes gateway functionality, routing, processing, firewalling, input/output, data acquisition and control, all in a single compact unit.

MPX's Framework system software is based on version 2.4 of the Linux kernel and is an object-oriented operating environment written in Python. Each connected system or device is given a consistent and normalized presence, regardless of its protocol. The software supports UNIX user security, and encryption support includes SSL, SSH, IPSec for VPNs and a packet-filtering firewall. Battery management circuits and Flash memory allow it to perform its own UPS functionality. The Framework configuration tool allows entire sites to be configured locally or remotely.

The hardware platform is a compact computer with no moving parts, designed for harsh environments. The I/O feature set includes two USB ports, four Dallas bus ports, two RS-232 ports, two RS-232/485 ports, two RS-485 ports, two Ethernet ports and an infrared transceiver.

Manufacturer: Envenergy, Inc.

Model: MPX

Suggested Retail Price: Contact manufacturer


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