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Arm Twisters Needed (NIC Contest)

I was wondering if you folks have had any more success than I have in getting hardware info out of the NIC folks. A mobo layout/jumper guide would be a nice start, for instance. The docs included with the unit are, for want of a more scorching term, pitiful.

I sent a request to their info addy (info@thinknic.com) asking for some pointers, OEM name, mobo model #, etc., but all I got back was a quasi-snooty note that opening the box voids the warranty on the NIC.

Should I send in the Marines?

--Maurice D. Tate

Did you notice what video chipset they're using?

I'm wondering whether it happens to be one with acceleration. I don't mind running Mesa (for the competition), but it would be extremely handy if it happened to run Utah-GLX (for example). I've sent an e-mail to their support address, but thought you might happen to know the answer.

--Alex Perry

See the sidebar on page 6. Once I got past the low-level tech support people and on to the people that understood the contest, the ThinkNIC people have been very helpful.


Embedded Linux Applications

Just wanted you to know that our Navy E-6 Operational Flight Trainer's control loading system runs Linux on its embedded industrial PC computer system. The embedded system operates six control loading channels of the flight simulator at 2000Hz. If you want to know more, contact Opinicus, Corp., Clearwater, Florida, who designed and built it. I am sure they would welcome a sidebar in your magazine. As a government program manager I can't enter your Linux contest. Notwithstanding, Linux is working fine for us and perhaps an engineer from Opinicus may have a new project to tell you about.

--Jeff Cox

This is very cool. I will contact them and see what we can get from them. Thanks.


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