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A Suggestion

I am writing to compliment you on such an excellent magazine! I look forward to a very long subscription. The two issues produced thus far are packed full of great information, and I especially enjoyed the articles on ``Building Tiny Linux Systems with BusyBox''. I hope that you continue to expand on those.

I would like to suggest that you provide your articles in .PDF format on your web site. It is hard to save all those articles in hardcopy, and with electronic medium well established, it offers an excellent alternative to storage.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

--Jonathan P. Dayjonathanday@netzero.net


Mere words cannot express my appreciation for such a great and wonderful compendium of Linux/real-time/embedded material. The January/February 2001 issue knocked my socks off! I can't think of any application, from process control of a refinery, to (as you guys explained in the Jan/Feb issue) making toast, that isn't going to be a Linux/real-time/embedded (or otherwise) opportunity. The days of dedicated systems are numbered. It's quite possible that the fledgling real-time Linux system's purveyors of the present day are the process control dominators of tomorrow.

Yours truly,

--Ray MinichRMinich@dresser.com

The "Building Tiny Linux Systems with BusyBox" series by Bruce Perens is great stuff [ELJ supplemental issue and January/February 2001]. As a newbie to Linux I have been overwhelmed with trying to figure out what was needed and what to get rid of to start using Linux for embedded projects. Articles of this caliber on Microwin and even on some of the "lightweight" browsers would be great stuff! Thanks much.

--Jeffrey Goddardmagnasygg@sunengineeringinc.com


I loved the "Smaller Than a Paperback" article in your January/February 2001 issue. When I suggest adding more intelligence to a future product, management is always questioning whether we can shoehorn it all into a small enough package.

Papp's article gives me some real ammunition. Thanks.

--Don Nablednable@syntech.com

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