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by Ellen M. Dahl

Microtest Inc. introduced FileZerver, a network appliance designed to meet the growing file storage and management needs of departments and work groups. Features of FileZerver include Linux-based architecture, scalability, RAID data protection, flexible volume management and cross-platform support. The system's software, embedded in FileZerver itself, is configured and managed through a simple browser-based interface.

Contact: Microtest, Inc., 4747 North 22nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85016-4708, 602-952-6400, 602-952-6401 (fax),,


Aplio, Inc., in partnership with Atmel Corporation, announced the distribution of the Aplio/TRIO Chip by ATMEL, under the name AT75C310. The AT75C310, featuring an embedded Linux operating system, VoIP and audio-application software together with an application development platform, provides a total system solution, empowering CE manufacturers to launch Internet phones, e-mail phones and MP3 appliances at low cost and short time to market. The VoIP application software delivers true telephone sound quality featuring PacketPlus Technology. The AT75C310 is a low-cost, single chip that simultaneously handles voice processing, telephony and VoIP protocol stack tasks.

Contact: Aplio Inc., 1670 S. Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402, 800-461-4038, 650-655-4065 (fax),,

Contact: Atmel Corporation, 800-292-8635,,

Eyelet GUI

MoJo Designs announced they have ported Eyelet GUI to Linux, making it the smallest embedded GUI available for Linux. Using Eyelet GUI, Linux developers will be able to add a graphical interface without the substantial overhead of the X Window System. Eyelet GUI is particularly well-suited for touch-screen applications such as medical devices, automotive-information systems and a host of consumer products including digital cameras, information appliances, cellular phones, microwave ovens and VCRs.

Contact: MoJo Designs Inc., PO Box 6037, Boulder, CO 80306, 303-443-5035, 303-441-2902 (fax),,

J2SE 1.2.2 for Linux

Sun released the first customer shipment of J2SE 1.2.2 for Linux, an advancement on the Java 2 platform. It enables Linux developers to write and deploy innovative enterprise applications, based on Java technology, to Linux systems. The union of the Java 2 platform with Linux greatly expands the pool of enterprise applications available to Linux developers, enabling Linux end users to take advantage of thousands of Java-technology-based applications.

Contact: Sun Microsystems, Inc., 901 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303,

GNUPro Tools for IA-64

Red Hat, Inc. announced GNUPro tools for IA-64. The compiler and debugger tools for native and embedded software development for IA-64 offer a pre-production development environment for creating applications on Intel's forthcoming Itanium processor. GNUPro tools for IA-64 include the IA-64 Linux source code, Red Hat's GNUPro compiler and other key software. The GNUPro tools for IA-64 are completely open source and have been released to the open-source development community via the Trillian Project web site.

Contact: Red Hat Software,,

Linux edition of “A Mother's Shoah”

AIL NewMedia Publishing announced the release of its new title “A Mother's Shoah” on CD-ROM for Linux computers. The e-book is based on the diary of a Holocaust survivor, Mrs. Susan Kaszas. Archive photographs, images of paintings and pages from the diary provide historical depth and visual impact. AIL NewMedia Publishing also publishes a printed book edition, sold along with the CD by Tree of Knowledge on AIL's web site. Proceeds from this publication will go to the HIAS and the Third Temple Foundation.

Contact: AIL NewMedia Publishing, 31 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463, 201-444-5051,,

+One Station

Maxspeed Corporation introduced a new Linux desktop product, +One Station. Targeted toward small businesses and home environments, it allows Linux PC users to share software, Internet access, databases and peripherals simultaneously with up to four other users by connecting a monitor and keyboard to the host Linux PC, allowing all to act as a PC. The +One Station currently supports the Red Hat Linux distribution. Support for Turbo Linux, Mandrake, Caldera and SuSE is expected to be announced soon.

Contact: Maxspeed Corporation, 3788 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303, 650-856-8818, 650-856-8838 (fax),,

Parallel Computing Toolkit

Wolfram Research, Inc. announced the Parallel Computing Toolkit, a new Mathematica application package that makes parallel programming affordable to users with access to either a multiprocessor machine or a network of heterogeneous machines without requiring dedicated parallel hardware. The toolkit can take advantage of existing Mathematica kernels on all supported operating systems, connected through TCP/IP, enabling users to create low-cost “virtual parallel computers” using existing hardware and Mathematica licenses. To create an active connection, the master computer requires Mathematica 3 or higher for UNIX/Linux.

Contact: Wolfram Research, 100 Trade Center Drive, Champaign, IL 61820-7237, 800-965-3726, 217-398-0747 (fax),,

Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe

Rave Computer Association, Inc. introduced the newest addition to its Rave Signature Series. Rave Systems RackMount-1UAXe (RM-1UAXe) features Sun's newest UltraAXe motherboard integrated into Rave's rackmount 1U form factor chassis. The UltraAXe motherboard is powered by a 300MHz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU with a 256KB external cache and features three PCI slots, an on-board graphics accelerator and on-board EIDE controller that can support up to four EIDE drives. The new system provides a high-performance, low-cost solution operating with a Solaris or Linux environment.

Contact: Rave Computer Association, Inc., 36960 Metro Court, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, 810-939-8230, 810-939-7431 (fax),


TurnSafe Technologies, Inc. released SafeWrite, an e-mail security product with advanced modern encryption technology. Key features of SafeWrite include the ability to send secure messages to anyone, without concern for public keys or the receiver's software; use your existing POP, IMAP4, web-based or AOL e-mail account; send messages with dissolving keys, so that after the message is read once it cannot be re-opened; and receive confirmation when your message has been opened. SafeWrite is fully compatible with most operating systems including Linux.

Contact: TurnSafe Technologies, Inc., 1 Arkendo Dr., Oakville, ON L6J 5T8, Canada, 905-681-5753,

Progress SonicMQ Adds Support for Linux

Progress Software Corporation announced that the Developer Edition of its award-winning Progress SonicMQ Internet messaging server will support Linux. SonicMQ is based on Java Message Service (JMS), Sun's specification for Java-based messaging. In addition to the Developer Edition available at no charge, SonicMQ is available in an Enterprise Edition and a Small Business Edition. SonicMQ is supported on all platforms running the JavaSoft V1.2 JVM.

Contact: Progress Software Corporation, 14 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730, 781-280-4700, 781-280-4095 (fax),,

System Blocks

The Information Technology Solutions Group (ITSG) of SM&A Corp. unveiled System Blocks, an integrated software suite designed to automate system testing, as well as monitor and control distributed application processes in mission-critical environments. System Blocks was originally developed on UNIX and is available in a Linux version. It provides real-time or archival data gathering and analysis, intelligent corrective action on detected problems and automatic control and monitoring of processes.

Contact: SM&A Corp., 4695 MacArthur Court, 8th Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660, 949-975-1550, 949-975-1624 (fax),


Freemont Avenue Software announced the T.Rex open-source enterprise security suite. This highly integrated firewall combines functions normally requiring installation of multiple products. Application-specific proxies provide high levels of security and access control tailored for the application. The CD-ROM is available in a Standard, Deluxe or Professional edition, and supported platforms include Linux. T.Rex is released under an open-source license. Source code and binaries will be readily available to all users, who will be free to make changes. Any modifications will be shared with FAS and the wider user community.

Contact: Freemont Avenue Software, Inc., 1830 S. Kirkwood, Suite 205, Houston, TX 77077, 281-759-3274, 281-759-8558 (fax),,


COM One Services introduced its Videomodem technology, which offers a means of capturing and transmitting real-time or recorded video information to web sites. By installing video cameras at specific areas of interest for information such as traffic or weather conditions, the images are transferred to an Internet server to be viewed by web surfers in real time. When used as a surveillance system, the Videomodem allows companies to monitor work flow, visitors, or restricted/secure areas easily and confidently. Compact and capable of accommodating up to four cameras, the Videomodem kit includes real-time Linux-based server software.

Contact: COM One Services, 11 parc de Marticot, 33610 Cestas, France, 33-0-5-5797-7272, 33-0-5-5678-8478 (fax),,

SNA Gateway

Gcom, Inc. introduced a Linux-based SNA gateway for simplifying web-to-mainframe connectivity. It also simplifies the task of connecting an IBM host with remote computers/workstations on a local LAN. The gateway plugs into SDLC, Token Ring or QLLC/X.25 lines to the host and provides TCP/IP access to 3270 and 5250 applications via the TN3270E, TN3270 and TN5250 protocols. Each Gcom SNA gateway system is complete with a stand-alone PC-based server, Gcom SNA and TN server software (installed), synchronous and Ethernet LAN adapter cards, mouse, keyboard, monitor—and a one-year service/support agreement. Bisync support and API for developing custom applications are available.

Contact: Gcom, Inc., 1800 Woodfield Drive, Savoy, IL 61874, 217-351-4241, 217-351-4240 (fax),,

Best Linux 2000

SOT released Best Linux 2000, the first English version of the #1 Linux distribution in Finland. The boxed set includes a 400-page manual and installation, source code, Linux games and software library CDs, plus lifetime technical support and a free update service. New technical features include extended hardware support for popular Ultra DMA 66 hard disks, multiprocessor support for up to 16 processors, built-in support to VPNs, security-related enhancement software and more. Best Linux is developed and maintained under a GPL license as freely distributable software and is also available on the Internet free of charge.

Contact: SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd.,,

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