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by Ellen Dahl
iHTML Merchant 2.0

Inline Internet Systems, Inc. announced the availability of the iHTML Merchant 2.0 software solution for electronic commerce on the Internet. iHTML Merchant 2.0 enables business owners, web developers and ISPs to deploy sophisticated on-line storefronts. Upgrades of the software from 1.0 are $149US. Version 2.0 is $739US per web server, which includes iHTML Pro 2.16 (available separately at $590US). Contact: Inline Internet Systems, Inc., 7305 Rapistan Court, Mississauga, ON L5N 5Z4, Canada, Phone: 905-813-8800, Fax: 905-813-8286, E-mail:, URL:


UniTrends Software has released Auto-Changer, tape library software for Linux. Auto-Changer allows Linux users to back up and work with tape libraries. CTAR sells for $195 on Linux (Intel) and Auto-Changer is $149 for Linux, but must be used with CTAR, the Business Critical Backup Solution.

Contact: UniTrends Software Corporation, 1601 Oak St., Suite 201, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577, Phone: 800-648-2827 (or 843-626-2878 outside the US), Fax: 843-626-5202, E-mail:, URL:

JetStor RAID

AC&NC announced the JetStor RAID desktop-sized SCSI disk array system which includes a new high-performance RAID controller as well as functional improvements. Complete information including technical specifications can be found on Advanced Computer and Network Corporation's web site. Sample pricing: 32GB for $6,500, 63GB for $7,999 and 126GB for $12,250.

Contact: AC&NC, 5001 Baum Blvd., Suite 770, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, Phone: 412-683-9010, Fax: 412-683-9070, E-mail, URL:

VariCAD 7.0-1.0

VariCAD has released a new version of its professional CAD system for mechanical engineering—VariCAD 7.0-1.0. VariCAD 7.0-1.0 is able to communicate with rendering software and FEM software (Cosmos, NuGraf, etc.). Free trial and demo versions are available at VariCAD's web site. The prices of the VariCAD system remain unchanged—VariCAD for Linux is $299-$499.

Contact: VariCAD, 931 Greenbriar Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2C 0J8, Canada, Phone 613-723-0953, E-mail:, URL:

MetaCard 2.2

MetaCard Corporation announced the release of MetaCard 2.2. New features include support for new image formats including PNG and animated GIFs, the ability to resize images on all platforms, and many new properties, commands and functions to make application development faster and easier. The free MetaCard 2.2 Starter Kit is available from the MetaCard web site.

Contact: MetaCard Corporation, 4710 Shoup Pl., Boulder, CO 80303, Phone: 303-447-3936, Fax: 303-499-9855, E-mail:, URL:

Macsyma 421 for Linux

Macsyma Inc. announced the release of Macsyma 421 math software for Linux. Macsyma offers mathematical power in symbolic, numerical and graphical mathematics. The PC interface offers Macsyma's MathTips Advisor, which allows users to type questions in their own words and receive executable “tips”. The U.S. commercial price for Macsyma 421 for Linux workstations is $249 (or $199 without paper manuals).

Contact: Macsyma Inc., 20 Academy Street, Arlington, MA 02476, Phone: 781-646-4550, Fax: 781-646-3161, E-mail:, URL:

HP Firehunter Supports Linux

Hewlett-Packard Company announced that its HP Firehunter family of Internet service-management solutions, targeted for the Internet service provider (ISP) community, now supports Red Hat Linux. HP Firehunter is a family of measurement and monitoring solutions designed specifically to help ISPs proactively manage Internet services such as mail, news and web functions. The product family includes Firehunter/L ($1,450) for small ISPs running up to 20 Internet servers and Firehunter 1.5 for mid-sized providers with up to 60 servers. See web site for pricing.

Contact: Hewlett-Packard Company, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304, Phone: 650-857-1501, URL:


Planet Computer's newest business solution, PlanetUplink, has been expanded to support Linux (server and client). PlanetUplink IBN (Internet Based Network) allows businesses to gain access to and share virtually any application or database simultaneously (real time) on almost any computer from their remote and multiple offices, globally, via the Internet. IBN is available in 2 versions: Internet Office Hosting (IOH) and Internet Application Hosting (IAH). IAH/IOH user costs vary from $45 to $75 per month, in addition to setup fees depending upon the application(s).

Contact: Planet Computer, 910 16th St., Suite 624, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-825-1778, Fax: 303-825-1773, E-mail:, URL:

NetTracker 3.5 and Webmaster 3.0

Sane Solutions, LLC and COAST Software Inc. announced the offer of a package combining the NetTracker 3.5 Professional web-based usage tracking software and the COAST Webmaster 3.0 web site management software. The NetTracker 3.5 product is designed to provide a simplified solution for web site traffic analysis. COAST WebMaster 3.0 is used to monitor and maintain the content of Internet and Intranet web sites. The NetTracker 3.5 Professional/COAST WebMaster 3.0 bundle is available for $750US.

Contact: Sane Solutions, LLC, 35 Belver Ave., Suite 230, North Kingstown, RI 02852, Phone: 800-407-3570, E-mail:, URL: COAST Software Inc., 60 Queen Street, 14th Floor, Ottawa, ON K1P 5Y7, Canada, Phone: 613-567-3201, E-mail:, URL:


J. River has released ICE.PPN (Portable Private Networking) to provide secure, end-to-end transmission of data between a Windows client and a corporate UNIX server, regardless of whether a firewall is in place. A full-featured 30-day trialware version of ICE.PPN can be downloaded from J.River's web site. Suggested list price for a server license with 5 clients is $1195. Reseller pricing is available.

Contact: J. River, Inc., 125 North First Street, Minneapolis, MN 55401, Phone: 612-677-8200, E-mail:, URL:

O2 Object Database Management System

Ardent Software, Inc. announced the availability of the O2 Object Database Management System (ODBMS) for the Linux operating system. Ardent's O2 System, an ODMG-compliant ODBMS available on Linux, gives developers access to language bindings, OQL (Object Query Language) and O2Web, an integrated set of tools for simple and rapid development of web applications.

Contact: Ardent Software, Inc., 50 Washington Street, Westboro, MA 01581-1021, Phone: 508-366-3888, Fax: 508-366-3669, E-mail:, URL:

Quant-X and Altera SQL Server version 2.0

The Altera SQL Server is a complete transactional data storage and retrieval system based on the relational database model and also a programmable web server. It is a multi-user, relational database with ODBC and JDBC connectivity, demanding relatively few resources. Quant-X has provided Altera with the appropriate hardware in order to port the Altera SQL Server on the above-mentioned platform. Quant-X and Altera came to an agreement regarding the bundling of Altera SQL Server Version 2.0 with Quant-X hardware. See web site for pricing.

Contact: Altera Ltd., E-mail:, URL:

Linux Edition of Ingres II

Computer Associates International, Inc. announced the activation of its Ingres II Linux Edition Open Beta program. This program enables customers to leverage the Linux platform in building core business applications in an n-tier environment, as well as preview the new version of CAI's RDBMS. The beta version of Ingres II Linux Edition can be downloaded for free from When the generally available version is released, it will also be offered as a free download.

Contact: Computer Associates International, Inc., One Computer Associates Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788, Phone: 1-888-7INGRES (888-746-4737), E-mail:, URL:

Thin Client PC X Server

GraphOn announced the world's first thin-client PC X server solution, providing high performance access to the X Window System and UNIX-based applications anywhere on an organization's Intranet, the public Internet or over dial-up. Visit the web site for pricing and further information.

Contact: GraphOn Corporation, 150 Harrison Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008, Phone: 408-370-4080, Fax: 408-370-5047, E-mail:, URL:

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