by Marjorie Richardson

In Listing 2 of the article “The Yorick Programming Language” by Cary O'Brien (Linux Journal July 1998), query-param should be query->param. Thank you, Joseph Mack.

In Listing 2 of the article “Linux as a Backup E-mail Server” by John Blair (Linux Journal August 1998, all occurrences of 3D should be changed to =.

In Listing 1 of the article, “Creating Web Plots on Demand” by Mark Pruett (Linux Journal August 1998), the following two lines of code contain an error (i.e. the space between 2 >):

system ("$GNUPLOT $gpfile | $PPMTOGIF 2 >
  /dev/null > " ."$httproot/$imagedir/$giffile");

These 2 lines should actually be:

system ("$GNUPLOT $gpfile | $PPMTOGIF "
  ." 2> /dev/null > "
  ." $httproot/$imagedir/$giffile");
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