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by LJ Staff

Comeau Computing Releases C++3.0.1

Comeau Computing has released Comeau C++ 3.0.1 with Templates. This high-quality, cfront-based C++ compiler comes with lifetime technical support available through Internet e-mail, vendor conferences on BIX, Compuserve, and Prodigy, as well as fax and voice telephone numbers. Comeau C++ for Linux requires at least 2MB of free RAM, 2MB of free disk space, and gcc; it sells for $250, with free second-day air shipping in the continental U.S. Comeau maintains a presence on the ISO/ANSI C++ standards committee.

Comeau Computing also has a Bourne shell compiler called CCsh, which is also available for Linux; contact the company for details.

Comeau Computing can be reached at 9134 120th Street, Richmond Hill, NY 11418; phone (718) 945-0009; fax (718) 441-2310; e-mail on the Internet, on BIX as comeau, on Prodigy as tshp50a, or on CompuServe as 72331,3421.

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